Kris Norris

Once Upon A Time…Has Never Been This Hot.


Book 1 ~ Between the Veils

Temperance Dunnigan can’t believe she’s agreed to travel to New Orleans to be part of Avery Smith’s special ghost hunting squad—and in the midst of Mardi Gras no less. There isn’t a sane reason to be there…other than Avery. Though she considers him a spoiled, rich kid, his money is her ticket to finally getting some concrete evidence to lay the eternal question of spirits to rest.

Avery didn’t think twice about inviting one of the foremost paranormal investigators to his retreat. After all, Temperance is smart, daring and totally not his type. He’s more than aware of her feelings toward him and embraces the chance to work with someone he has absolutely no interest in…that is until she becomes entrenched in a deadly summoning. Saving her life wasn’t part of the plan, and now he can’t stop his heart from racing every time she looks at him. They’ve got one week to figure it out before all hell breaks loose, and Avery loses more than just his reputation.



Book 2 ~ Between the Veils

Blake Smith hates ghosts. Since joining forces with his big brother, renowned paranormal investigator Avery Smith, Blake’s been content to stay in the shadows. What better place for a technical specialist to hide than with his creations. And if Blake never saw another apparition, he’d be one happy guy. Too bad his life is about to get spirited.

When Payton Scott moved to Virginia City, she never imagined her biggest problem would be ghosts. With her gallery set to open in a few weeks, her only option is to call her former boyfriend, Avery Smith. But when Avery turns out to be unavailable, she gets far more than she bargained for—his little brother, Blake. She’s never admitted Blake was the reason she couldn’t commit to Avery, or that she’s had a secret crush on him for years. But their mutual interest isn’t the only thing from the past threatening their future, and if Blake can’t wrangle the spirit before it makes its next move, they might end up becoming Virginia City’s next ghostly citizens.


Book 3 ~ Between the Veils

Sometimes the most dangerous souls are the ones already dead…

Annie Dunnigan wants to believe in ghosts, but her analytical mind just can’t make that final leap of faith. In the hope of witnessing some actual proof, she agrees to see what ‘ghost hunting’ is all about and tags along with her big sister Temperance and her new husband Avery Smith. Annie never expected to get caught in the middle of a childish prank with Avery’s older brother Dylan, or that she’d unwillingly resurrect an evil spirit, who doesn’t want to return to the land of the dead.

Now she’s faced with a new problem. She’s the only one who can send the ghost back to the other side of the veil, but she can’t do it without Dylan’s help…not when he had a hand in raising it. The fact they share a sizzling attraction to each other makes the situation even more dangerous, especially when neither of them are seasoned hunters. One seemingly endless task turns out to be a race against time when they discover the truth behind the ghost’s presence and the reality of the risks involved in ensuring it stays between the veils.


Book 4 ~ Between the Veils

A house with a bloody history. A series of unanswered deaths. And it all starts at the stroke of twelve.

Cal Smith has spent his life studying the paranormal. Then a brutal investigation of one of Salem’s most notorious homes sends him packing. He chalks it up to higher education, all too aware he’s simply running from a past that haunts his every waking moment. But when an old friend turns up in trouble, he has no other choice but to revisit his previous work, and face the ghosts he’s shut out for the past ten years.

Jordan Harper has a knack for getting into trouble. Though curiosity is supposed to have killed the cat, she’s well on her way to having the old saying rephrased. And when yet another plan goes horribly astray, she awakens to find that the one man she’d never counted on seeing again—the one man she’d never been able to forget—is now her only option for freedom. She knows asking him to help is probably a bigger mistake than the one she’s just made, but her heart isn’t listening.

Their unexpected reunion might solve a century’s old mystery—or it might be the catalyst that sends them both to an early grave.