Kris Norris

Once Upon A Time…Has Never Been This Hot.


Book 1 ~ Dark Horizon

Captain Kell Halloway thought his days of fighting the good fight were over. After years of following orders in what he thought was the name of peace, he’s broken all ties with the Coalition and is determined to make amends for his mistakes. Captain and sole member of the Orion, he’s living a life of existence, running supplies and cargo across the heavens, hoping to find some shred of redemption. That is until he discovers a stowaway…one that turns his world upside down.

Sage didn’t plan to sneak aboard a ship, but an untimely insurrection forces her into action and into Kell’s arms. A stolen kiss turns out to be more than she bargained for, and she’s left facing a new problem—one much more dangerous than the squadron of soldiers still hunting her.

But the clock is ticking. She has only one chance to free a colony under an unjust rule, and only one man to turn to for help.



Book 2 ~ Dark Horizon

Lincoln Croft isn’t the most reputable man. Disillusioned by the ever-continuing war between the Coalition and the Alliance, he’s made a living running dangerous goods between the worlds, using his ship, the Andromeda, to outrun enemy striker crafts and avoid certain prosecution. And the fact he can hack into any computer system ever made certainly doesn’t hurt his chances at a successful mission.

After a recent crusade to help free the condemned planet of Venitia gains him a full pardon, Linc has decided to give honest work a try. Just his luck, his old nemesis, Captain Frank Bane, has other ideas. An unexpected meeting forces Lincoln to crash-land on the very planet he swore he wouldn’t set foot on again. And the surface of Venitia hasn’t changed. Hot, dry and dangerous, Linc knows he needs to get to the settlement before he becomes some creature’s dinner.

He never planned on running into Gwendolyn Bennet, the one woman he’d never quite gotten over. After a less than warm welcome, Gwen begrudgingly agrees to help Linc reach the colony. But Bane isn’t giving up. He’s determined to destroy Lincoln, and the Andromeda, even if it means annihilating Venitia.


Book 3 ~ Dark Horizon

Commander Dakota “Dak” Winter is on a mission of vengeance. After being captured and held prisoner in an underground facility on Venitia, she’s seeking justice on the man behind her incarceration—Captain Frank Bane. After years of terrorizing the outer rim colonies for his own gain, the man’s rogue actions are finally coming back to haunt him, and she’s determined to be the one to bring him down…if only she could find him.

Reluctantly accepting help from her father, Senator Jefferson Hayes, she finds herself teamed up with two men from her past—Commanders Kane Paterson and Tanner Jenkins—who seem just as interested in her as they are in capturing Bane. It doesn’t help that she’s been fighting her feelings for them for what feels like forever. Or that they’ve made it clear they’re not looking to remain just friends.

A manhunt across the galaxy might bring her some form of closure. Or it might be the start of a dangerous new adventure.