Kris Norris

Once Upon A Time…Has Never Been This Hot.


Book 2 ~ What Remains

One deadly mission—one last glimmer of hope.

After fighting to survive for eighteen months, Emersyn Harlow has become emotionally withdrawn. Hardened by loss, she’s hidden away what’s left of her heart, keeping it under lock and key. While she secretly harbors feelings for members of her recon team, she refuses to act on them—not when she knows the eventual outcome.

Hunter Brown never knew how much he cared for Emersyn until he lost her. Though she’s no more than a breath away from him, her heart is long gone. It’s not until a desperate mission changes the rules of engagement, that Hunter’s willing to throw caution to the wind and make a play for the woman who’s stolen his heart. But he’s not alone. Armed with two other men worthy of her love, Hunter doesn’t plan on losing.

Three men against one might not seem fair—or it might be the perfect combination to finally turn the tides in their favor and prove to Emersyn that what remains is more than an endless wasteland.



Book 3~ What Remains

A new strain. A brand new war…

Cogan MacKenzie, Sullivan Gates and Jake Gibson aren’t your typical recon team. Firefighters in their previous lives, they lack the tactical presence the other teams have—a fact no one’s willing to let them forget. But when they get the chance to go searching for another missing team, they don’t let a lack of well wishes stop them. They just never counted on running into a woman fighting off a horde of undead. Or that she’d give them the answer to the one question that’s been on everyone’s mind.

How the whole damn thing got started.

But the knowledge reveals a deadly new development in their fight against those infected by the parasitic plague—a secret that could destroy what little remains. They’ve got one chance. One last shot at stopping the infection from spreading before there’s nothing left worth saving.


Book 4 ~ What Remains

A never-ending battle. One final reckoning...

Gunner, Wolfe and Hamilton are accustomed to the rigors of war. SEALs before the world all but ended with the rising of the dead, their unique skill set has proven to be irreplaceable. But their latest mission is putting even their survival instincts to the test.

One girl. One last chance at saving their humanity...

Finding a camp full of humans should have been the shining accomplishment of their new career as reconnaissance specialists. Instead, it turns into something far more sinister.

She didn’t want to fall for one man, let alone three...

Morgan has no reason to trust the three men that stumble into her life. Helping them is a means to an end—a way to gain her freedom. She promises herself she’ll ditch them the moment the opportunity arises. There’s just one nagging little problem—with every day that passes, every ounce of faith they restore—she realizes she’s falling for them. Hard. And in a world where death no longer brings peace, she needs to decide if what remains of her soul is worth saving.





Book 1 ~ What Remains

The apocalypse has passed. The dead have risen. But what remains…

Colby, Darcy and Barrett are hardened soldiers with a new war. A deadly disease has decimated the human population, reducing it to small pockets of survivors who fight daily again the raging hordes of undead plaguing the planet. The three men are part of a recon mission, scouting locations where humans have been reported still alive amidst the dead. But after ten months of searching, they're ready to give up.

Abby Brennigan has been surviving on her own for half a year, hiding out in an old abandoned control tower. She hasn't seen anything remotely alive in what feels like forever, until the three men stumble upon her hideout and into her heart. She'd promised herself she wouldn't get close again…wouldn't put herself through the torture of watching another person she cared about slowly fade until they turn into a monster straight off the pages of a horror novel.

But the boys aren't taking no for an answer and as they face one test after another, the big question is—how long can they all remain untainted.