Kris Norris

Once Upon A Time…Has Never Been This Hot.


Book 2 ~'Til Death

She was too light. Too fragile in his arms. He held back another curse as he stepped through the doorway. The shower was off to their left. It was small, but Gage doubted she’d be able to stand up for more than a second, wall or not.

“Sit here while I get everything ready.” He placed her in a chair and walked out, returning moments later with a couple of towels. Then he unwrapped a new bar of soap and opened a small pack of shampoo. He looked over at her, growling at the sight of her half slumped in the chair, her eyes wide with pain. “Oh bloody hell.”

He lunged forward and closed the door, stripping off his shirt as he went. Then he reached in and turned on the water, adjusting the spray before undoing his pants.

“What are doing?” Brooklyn’s voice was timid and he could see the uncertainty in her eyes.

“You’re crazy if you believe for one moment you’ll be able to do this alone. And if it’s just the same, I’d rather not get my clothes wet.”

Brooklyn looked at him for several seconds before raising an eyebrow in question. “You’re coming in with me?”

“Do you want the shower or not? Because this is the only way you’re going to get it without pulling out all those stitches in your back. And the good doctor already threatened me regarding what he’d do if he had to stitch you up again.”

He watched as she looked from the shower back to him. He thought she’d be angry when their eyes met again, but that wasn’t what he saw in her expression.

“As long as you don’t mind. We haven’t...” Her voice trailed off. “I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to.”

“It’s just a shower.” But as he watched her shrug the gown off her shoulders, he knew it’d be much more than that. She was beautiful. The way her breasts thrust out from her chest, the nipples pointing straight towards him. She must have gotten chilled because they were already hard and thick, like tight little rose buds ready to be touched. Her ribs were showing beneath her skin and her stomach was slightly hollowed. He forced himself to swallow as she shed the garment on the floor.

She was naked. Gloriously bare from her head to her toes. He trailed his gaze down her thighs, smiling at the way her hips flared out from her waist and then disappeared down the smooth joint of her legs.

He looked away, not wanting her to catch him staring. Besides, if he saw any more details, the bulge in his pants would only swell. He cursed, removing his other shoe as he lowered his jeans to the floor. He didn’t know how he was going to hide his erection from her. His cock was heavy and thick, and so engorged it blazed a path across his stomach. He glanced over at her. She was smiling at him, her attention focused on the tent in his underwear.

“Glad to see you’re not having any erectile difficulties.” Her tone was a mixture of amusement and arousal, and his cock pulsed at the sound of it.

“Are you going to make this more difficult than it already is?”


“Good.” He stripped off his last line of defence and walked over to her, his shaft leading the way. “No wisecracks about the state of my arousal, understood?” he said, placing her hand in his as she nodded at him. “Okay. Nice and easy.” He lifted her arm as she stood up, cringeing at the stifled moan that echoed off the walls before she sagged against his chest. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“I need to. Please.”

She moved her feet forward and he half carried her to the stall. He stepped in first, sheltering her from the spray as she slipped in beside him, pressing her upper back against the wall.

“Thank you,” she whispered, as she laid her head against his chest, her hands palming his skin.

Gage held his breath, not sure how long he could stand the pressure of her body on his without quenching his need to touch her. To graze his fingers along her side, caress the gentle curve of her breasts. He felt her nipples rake across his chest. They were even harder than when she’d undressed, and he could feel every subtle movement she made as they traced a path across his skin. He wanted to take them in his mouth, sip at them until she moaned his name in need. He’d hadn’t gotten a chance to touch them earlier, and just the feel of the tight little nubs against him was making his head spin.

He closed his eyes, trying to quench the sudden rush of desire. He could smell her sweet arousal mixing with the steam and knew, if he moved lower, he’d find her creamy juice trailing along her inner thighs. He’d caught more than just a glimpse of her when she’d stood up and longed to touch the soft skin with his tongue this time, lapping at her until her taste was all he knew. He groaned, feeling his erection tighten further, pressing into her stomach.

“This is payback, isn’t it?”

Brooklyn smiled against his chest, running her fingers across his male nipples. “I thought it was just a shower.”