Kris Norris

Once Upon A Time…Has Never Been This Hot.


Special Agent Ethan Rutherford didn’t want his relationship to Jessica Sinclair to be over. But it ended just the same. Now, six weeks later, he’s about to confront the one woman he can’t get off his mind.

District Attorney Jessica Sinclair didn’t want to leave, but when Ethan revealed his feelings after a hard night on the job, she felt she had no choice. But a freak storm and an unexpected power outage change the rules of engagement, leaving them both vulnerable. Will the sudden shift in power bring them together, or tear them further apart?



Sometimes losing your clothes at the stroke of twelve is a wish come true.

Duncan couldn’t have predicted the night would turn from a mundane trip to the country bar, into a hot offer from a stunning lady. After making all the right moves, he follows his temptress back to her home, hoping she doesn’t suddenly change her mind. But when the door opens, and her sexy silhouette ghosts into view, he prays that tonight, his midnight desires will come true.


In a world where magic can destroy kingdoms, there’s no greater force than the bonds of love.

Rylan, son of Roan, and heir to the throne of Ravendale, has been fighting his father’s battles since he was old enough to hold a sword. His abilities as a fire mage gave his kingdom the ultimate weapon, until he seemingly vanished. Left vulnerable, his father erected a magical barrier that has provided Ravendale with a false illusion of peace—until now.

Shunned by her own people for being born with a power no realm has witnessed in over five hundred years, Aelwyn, Princess of Aldhaven, bears the mark of the gods, themselves. Both blessed and cursed, she’s devoted her life to protecting her brother, Aelrik, until he can take his rightful place as King—and finally end the war between her kingdom and Ravendale.

But his mysterious disappearance on the eve of his coronation brings a new scheme to light—one that’s designed to thrust Aldhaven into another millennium of bloody war. Left with no other option, Aelwyn has freed the only man capable of getting her brother back—a brutal, Ravendale warrior captured a century before she was born. But his cooperation comes with a price.

Enemies by heritage, Aelwyn has to put her faith in a man whose conquests are the horrifying legends of her past. Their mission is simple—rescue Aelrik and prevent a new battle from tearing both their worlds apart. There’s just one problem—circumstances of their agreement have put Aelwyn into her enemy’s arms, and she’s seeing a different side of the man history has labeled a murderer. Knowing firsthand that claims are often wrought from fear, she can’t help but strive to see the warrior beneath the lore. The man within the monster. But falling in love is a dangerous choice—one that might break far more than just her heart.