Kris Norris

Once Upon A Time…Has Never Been This Hot.


Kyle woke to the sound of the wind gusting against the window. It seemed distant and hazy, hardly worth noting. His body was hot and strangely heavy. He blinked, shifting his gaze when Taylor sighed. He tensed, suddenly aware of every inch of her lithe body against him. How the curve of her breast grazed his ribs, rubbing her hardened nipple across his skin. Or how her breath caressed his neck, making the small hairs tingle in response. He shifted, but only succeeded in rolling her thing against his erection.

Damn! Surely he hadn’t spent all night with his cock tented against his briefs? He prided himself in having complete control, and yet, this was the second time he’d reacted to her. It was like having a hidden addiction he couldn’t fight. He shook his head and looked around, searching for a way out until he realized he’d wrapped his arms around her. Even if she’d wanted to roll away, his embrace would have kept her trapped against him. He took a deep breath, calming the sudden pounding in his chest. This wasn’t exactly what he’d had in mind when he’d offered to share the bed. Though he had to admit, it felt dangerously good, or should he say...right.

No, not right. Wrong. Definitely wrong.

He needed to stay focused. And somehow falling for her didn’t seem to fit the bill. But she felt so good next to him, like she belonged there. He tightened his grip on her.


Her voice broke his concentration. He went to move, but stopped when she drew her hand across his chest, squeezing him as she repositioned her head. Her fingers grazed over his nipple and his erection hardened. He clenched his jaw, trying to will the damn thing away. What would she think if she found herself cradled in his arms, his cock hard against her thigh? He looked down at her, studying the fine lines on her face as he traced his finger up her side and along her arm. Her skin was soft and warm, and she moaned as he drew small circles on it. He swallowed, trying hard to quell the burning sensation in his stomach. If he didn’t stop now, he wouldn’t be able to.

“Good morning, Taylor.” He caressed her shoulder until she opened her eyes. “Sleep well?”

Taylor tensed, dampening her lips with a slow swipe of her tongue. “Great. You?”

Kyle groaned, wanting nothing more than to feel her tongue against his. He gave her a quick smile, before rolling her over, trapping her body between his arms. He knew she could feel his cock hard against her stomach, and he smiled at her breathy whimper.

He lowered his lips, brushing them enticingly against hers. “Seems you couldn’t be trusted after all.”

Taylor stared up at him, studying his face before her lips kicked into a playful smile. “Guess you should’ve let me sleep on the floor by the fire.”

He shook his head, repeating the soft caress. “There’re a number of things we could do on the floor by the fire, but sleeping isn’t one of them.”

“I thought you said if you were going to behave poorly, you would have done so already?”

“I lied.”

Her eyes widened for only a moment as her fingers fisted his shirt against his chest. He waited for her to push him away, but she didn’t, finally relaxing her grip until her hands palmed his ribcage. Her breathing sounded loud in his head, and he was certain he could feel her heart pounding against his.

Kyle stared at her, knowing if he crossed the line and took her as his lover, he’d never be able to step back. It’d change more than just their sleeping arrangements. It’d change him. He’d known the instant he’d met her, she wasn’t like the women he’d taken to his bed before. She was spirited with an enthusiasm for life that was catching. He sensed she wouldn’t accept anything less than his soul, and he wasn’t certain he had anything left to give her.

A loud beep broke the sensuous atmosphere and he jumped when he realized the alarm on his watch had chimed. He looked at his wrist then back at her, his feelings divided. It wasn’t until Jennifer’s face flashed in his mind that he was able to pull back. He’d already failed her once, he couldn’t afford to make the same mistake again.

He took a deep breath, mustering his best smile. “Looks like you’ve been saved by the bell.”

He waited one more heartbeat before rolling off the bed and stumbling over to the chair where he’d stacked his clothes. His body protested the act, his cock throbbing against his stomach as if begging him to reconsider.

He heard Taylor curse, a moment before her feet padded across the room. He glanced back at her across his shoulder, feeling his erection swell, as he watched her shimmy into her pants.

Lord have mercy.

He was in more danger than he’d thought. And Jack Conrad had nothing to do with it.