Musical Musings


This month’s Musical Musings topics are: parents, siblings, and childhood.

For me, parents and childhood are kinda the same. I don’t think their taste in music changed from what they listened to when I was young. You know, before I picked my own music. But here’s some of their favourites…


A few of my first musical decisions, lol…

And my brother…we honestly shared and still share a lot of the same interests. I’m way more country now, but he’ll give a few of my faves a listen. So, he listened to the same as mine above, plus a few more…and here’s some of his new faves.

That’s it for me. Now check out the other ladies…

Bronwyn Green  |  Deelylah Mullin  |  Gwendolyn Cease  |  Paige Prince

6 Replies to “Musical Musings”

  1. Elvis! yes! My mom loved him and we used to watch his movies anytime they came on TV. I grew up listening to his music and still really like it.

    1. We shall never agree on music. And Huey is amazing live. They are such a great performing band. I’ve seen him several times, just like Billy Joel. 🙂

  2. Wow! About half of resembles my vinyl collection. Especially the Elvis. Thank you for the memories.

  3. THE CARPENTERS!!! My mom used to sing the Carpenters all the time. <3 Also, your early musical decisions were some of mine, too. I almost think your brother is my current musical twin. eep!

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