Kris Norris

Once Upon A Time…Has Never Been This Hot.


Special Agent Brogan Johnson climbed into the car, slamming the door shut as he ran his fingers through his cropped hair. The ends rubbed across his palms, soothing some of his pent-up tension. Leo glared at him from the driver’s side, grunting so Brogan would do more than look at him out of the corner of his eye.

He turned, returning the man’s sneer. “What?”

“We just made the deal of the century. Why the hell do you look so fucking pissed off?”

Brogan motioned toward the back before looking out the window. “Tate said we were making the drop tonight...that it’d all be tied up by midnight. Now he’s decided to make the transfer tomorrow. It’s bad enough he changes meeting times at the drop of a hat, now we’re stuck here for another day. I’m getting a bit...impatient.”

Leo shrugged as he shoved the gearshift into reverse and backed up. “So it’s one more night. Who cares? We stand to make a killing on this shipment. Besides, Tate’s just covering his ass. Ever since that photojournalist—Paige Sommers—started poking her nose into his business, he’s been more cautious.” Leo grinned and turned onto the main road. “I’ve heard she’s a lone ranger of sorts...always gets her man.” He chuckled, a deep sound that immediately put Brogan on the defensive. “From the pictures I’ve seen of her, she can get this man anytime.”

Anger flared through his veins and it was all he could do not to reach over and slam Leo’s head through the window. Instead, he laughed back and slapped the man on the shoulder. “She’s way out of your league, buddy.”

“How do you know?” Leo rubbed his arm as he glowered at Brogan. “You hiding something?”

Leo had meant it as a joke, but there’d been a slight waver in his tone that sent a chill down Brogan’s spine. He couldn’t let what would look like irrational jealousy blow his cover...not after all he’d given up to get this close to Tate.

He smirked as he pushed back against the seat. “You’re kidding me, right? If you’ve seen pictures of her then you know she’s hot, and well you,’re not the prettiest thing walking around.”

Leo laughed, hitting the breaks as the light changed in front of him. “Hey, I might not be pretty, but I could give her the fucking of a lifetime, and she looks like she needs a man to fuck some of that goodness out of her.” He smiled at Brogan. “One night with me, and she’d be finding buyers for us.”

Not in a million years, asshole.

Brogan bit back the comment before he said it aloud. There was absolutely no harm in letting Leo think he’d have a chance with Paige, not when Brogan knew differently. She’d never allow someone who worked for scum like Tate to touch her—not that she wasn’t a hellcat in bed—she just had certain lines she wouldn’t cross. And fucking weapons dealers was one of them.

“You just keep telling yourself that, Leo.” He smiled at the man’s growl. “Maybe your fairy godmother will grant your wish.”

“Or maybe I’ll just look her up and invite myself over,” he said, cursing the next light that brought the car to a stop. “What the fuck is it with these damn lights? I swear, we’ve caught every one.”

Brogan chose to ignore his taunting and took a soothing breath. “Relax. It’s not like we’ve got anywhere to go now...Tate’s secured our services for another night. Might as well—”

His voice cut off as the whine of a motorcycle drowned out even the radio. He shot Leo a puzzled look and turned to glare out the window. Whoever was driving that machine was way too close. Brogan stared through the glass as the driver rolled into view, the mirror on the bike knocking theirs. Irritation he’d been holding back resurfaced and he lowered the window to tell the idiot to learn how to drive, when the driver turned toward him. Brogan’s reflection shimmered back at him through the tinted visor, but he knew he was being scrutinized. Fear gripped his gut as the hidden eyes continued to stare at him, as if looking into his soul. A name stuck on his tongue a second before the cycle’s engine revved and the bike took off, skidding through the intersection as the driver dodged the moving traffic, narrowly missing a bumper. Horns and squealing tires blasted the air as motorcycle barreled down the street, disappearing around the next corner.

“What the fuck?” yelled Leo.

Brogan forced down a swallow, praying to god he was wrong. He turned to speak when the glass behind them lowered. He looked in the rearview, hating the sight of Tate’s beady little eyes staring back at him.

Tate raised an eyebrow. “I don’t suppose either of you got the license plate of that motorcycle?”

Brogan glanced at Leo, cursing under his breath when the man handed Tate a slip of paper through the opening. Tate took the offering, his lips curling into a feral smile.

“Excellent. We’ll have our friends at the station run this. I have a feeling that was more than just a coincidence.” He thumbed the paper, chuckling. “I can’t wait to see who this belongs to.”

His face faded into black as the glass rolled into place, shutting him out. Brogan glared at his reflection before looking back at where the bike had vanished from view. He didn’t need to run the plate to know who’d just driven off. He’d recognize that leather jacket and that sexy ass anywhere. Hell, he’d spent over a year watching it wiggle in front of him as he’d followed behind on his own bike. The only question was...what the hell was he going to do now?