Kris Norris

Once Upon A Time…Has Never Been This Hot.


The apocalypse has begun. The dead have risen.

The only question left is…what remains.



Five hundred years ago, a council of elders created a league of vampires known as Enforcers, whose sole mission was to find the lost talisman and protect them and their guardians from those seeking the talisman’s powers. Little did these Enforcers realise that the bond between them and the guardians went beyond earthly measures, touching their very souls.

Fueled by sexual desire, the Enforcers have only one night to bind the guardians to them before the hunt for the ultimate power begins and the fate of the dark prophecy is decided.



In a world where honour rules and magic knows no bounds, it’s dangerous to judge a person by their appearance. Evil lurks in all corners of the kingdom, and only true love will save those unfortunate to cross paths with the darkness.


The war between the Coalition and the Alliance is still being waged among the outer planets. A select few brave certain persecution to aid those in need, regardless of what side they fight on. But a series of unexpected events is going to have our heroes and heroines risking more than just their lives. For in an age where everyone moves at the speed of light, it’s going to take more than gravity to fall in love.


Sometimes the most dangerous souls are the ones already dead.

The Smith brothers aren’t your average guys. Whether they want to embrace it or not, they’re tied to the world of spirits, and these ghosts are anything, but friendly. Complicate that with four ladies who aren’t willing to back down, in any sense of the word, and they’re in over their heads. Left with few options, there’s only one thing these men can do—risk it all or lose more than their lives to the other side of the veil.


‘Til Death do us part…

Who knew one small vow could hold so much power—or be so hard to keep? Bound by duty, it’ll take more than just fancy words to bring our couples back together, let alone keep them alive. And when the hunters become the hunted, will love be enough to guarantee they live happily ever after? Or will death break more than a promise…



A town with a notorious past…lawmen determined to keep the peace.

In the late eighteen hundreds, justice in the West is often served by gunslingers and outlaws with their own interpretation on the law. But there's a new breed of lawmen coming to town—wolf shiters who are every bit as wild as the landscape. They're laying claim to the town and its people—and if their mates happen to be among them—things might just get a bit…physical.



Officers and soldiers sworn to protect—they never expected that the hardest battle was the one they fought within themselves. And true to form, they're not going down without an all-out war. They just need to figure out how to keep their honor without sacrificing their one chance at a happy ending.


Not all souls go quietly to the other side. And not all souls are human. Falling in love is hard enough. When monsters threaten the relationship, it'll take every trick in the book, and a tub full of salt, to help the agents of Threshold find their happily ever after.



They're God's greatest weapons. Archangels empowered with the power of Heaven. But warriors can't fall in love, can they? When evil threatens both them and their fated mates, will they rise to the challenge? Admit they love more than just their faith? Even if it the only solution involves a fall from grace?


Gabriel will be re-releasing soon along with Michael, the second book in the series. Please stay tuned for links once I've got it all sorted out.