Last Monday in January…seriously, this year is flying by. Or maybe I just have so much to do, that never seems to get done, that I’m lost in some kind of wacky time shift thingy. Yes, thingy is a technical term 😉

Anyway, this week’s Wednesday randomness is WRITING PET PEEVES. You all have them. Those little things that make you want to tear out the pages in the book…or your hair. Both. And I often wonder how these issues made it past the entire editing team. Of course, I’m sure these don’t bother everyone, but… shall we begin.

POV skewing, or head hopping—this is, hands down, my biggest peeve. Especially when it happens every other paragraph. Pick a head. Stay it in until there’s a reasonable time to shift. I try to pick mostly chapters these days, but sometimes you have to make the jump mid-chapter. And that, I get. But the constant shifting…

Characters that are too stupid to live. There’s a fine line between a character taking a chance and simply being an idiot. You know what I’m talking about, though it’s most prevalent on the big screen. Every freaking horror movie where they decide to ‘split up’ despite the fact folks are dropping like panties at a frat party. I can only dispel belief so much, people.

Rushed endings. Spoiler alert. You can’t end a book in a page. Not even two, unless it was only a ten page story. I’m not a horse trying to get back to the barn before sunset. Make it worth finishing. But, by all means… go right ahead and tie this bad boy up in, say, a paragraph after keeping me in suspense for two hundred pages. I didn’t really want you to make it all worthwhile.

Heroines who can’t order a sandwich from Subway without the hero ‘guiding’ them. Just…no. (or the other way around, though I haven’t encountered that yet. But I’m sure it’s out there.)

Poor research. News flash, folks. Readers come from all walks of life. So yeah, a helicopter pilot is going to read your story and know if you even looked up what a helicopter is and what it can do. (Hint… that’s me) So don’t bullshit. At least get the basics right. You don’t have to teach me how to fly, but get the damn instruments right. 

Non stop flashbacks. I don’t mind a few. A dream sequence tossed in here and there, but when I need a DeLorean to keep track of what time we’re in… perhaps you’ve gone a bit overboard.

I could go on. There are so many other points I’ll remember later. But there’s only so much time, folks. Now go and check out the other ladies. You won’t be sorry you did.

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  1. CHUCK! 😀

    Oooh, these are great ones! I hate the never ending flashbacks. And poor research makes me ragey. Side note: every time I see any sort of helicopter anything in a movie or a book, I always think to myself: “I should ask Norris if that’s possible.” 😀

    Your gifs are spectacular, btw.

  2. Your list is awesome. Mine is looking ever more pitiful since I obviously didn’t understand what the topic was. LOL! Ah well. And yes, stupid characters make me weepy. If they’re that dumb don’t write about them. Please

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