Kris Norris

Once Upon A Time…Has Never Been This Hot.


“You have questions,” rasped Griffin, opening the large door to the complex.

Sam nodded as she ducked inside, relieved to be out of the blazing heat, and back to more familiar surroundings. “I understand the need for me to prove myself, and I can see why your people are hesitant to trust us. But I can assure you, if my crew had thought they’d fare well in a battle, they would’ve challenged your people that first day.” She stopped when they reached the medical room. “We might have more advanced technology than you, but your sheer numbers make any kind of insurrection an act of suicide.”

Griffin sighed. “I believe patience will be our best guide in this matter.” He inched closer, fisting the handle as he brushed his chest against hers. “Besides, I made it quite clear I have no intentions of allowing you to...escape.”

A tendril of heat shimmied along her skin, so hot she expected small wisps of smoke to curl off her arm. She drew a deep breath, not sure if it was his scent of hers hanging in the air. A deep rumble vibrated through her chest, and she couldn’t crush the low moan that broke free.

Griffin moved impossibly closer, pressing his body tight to hers. His face lowered to the left side of her head, his lips a warm caress across her collarbone. “Those aren’t your only concerns, are they?”

She could only shake her head as his tongue trailed along her neck, stopping at the sweet spot behind her ear. She tensed her jaw, hoping he couldn’t tell she was all but dripping arousal on the floor, when she felt his lips lift into a smile, and cursed under her breath. “I’d like to know what’s happening to me,” she began, her voice cracking into another moan when his hands cupped her waist, accentuating how small she was compared to him. “What the hell has biting got to do with anything? And why have I got this incessant thrumming in my head?”

“All in good time, little one.” He dropped an open-mouthed kiss on the tip of her shoulder, backing up enough to open the door. “Now let’s have your Dr. Quinn take a look at Cain’s pathetic attempt to defeat you.”

Sam fought off the sudden need to rub against him like some bloody cat in heat and walked into the room, not sure why her hips seemed to rock back and forth as if moving to a distant rhythm.

Quinn huffed, and shook his head the moment he caught sight of her. “What in the bloody hell happened now?”

“I cut myself,” she answered, not meeting his gaze.

“Let me guess. You were shaving and things turned ugly.” He grabbed some bandages, staring at her until she finally looked at him. “Just tell me you used some of that martial arts crap of yours and kicked the bastard who did this to you on his ass.”

“Your Captain did a very fine job of kicking Cain on his ass,” said Griffin. “I’m afraid my warrior underestimated her.”

Quinn laughed, angling a laser across her laceration. “She’s quite a spitfire. A fact more than a few of the crew has found out the hard way.” He dismissed her huff of protest with a firm glare. “I thought I told you to take it slow?”

“I had something to prove,” she stated.

“You always have something to prove, Sam. You’re worse than the men when it comes to that pride of yours. But you need to give your body more time to heal. I’ll be damned if I have to go through another blood transfusion. It wasn’t that much fun the first time.” Quinn cursed when the laser flickered and died, tossing it aside. “I don’t have the resources to keep treating you for life-threatening injuries.”

“It’s only a cut,” she said. “I’d hardly say it’s life-threatening.”

“Only because you won. You might not be so lucky the next time.”

“Don’t worry,” said Griffin, stepping up behind her until his chest brushed across her back. “There won’t be a next time. I made it clear she’d more than fulfilled the challenge.”

“Does this mean we might actually be seen as something more than merely human among your people?” asked Quinn, raising an eyebrow at Griffin.

“Fear is never easy to overcome.” He looked down at Sam. “But I think your Captain secured your place among us.”

“Good, ‘cause I’m running out of Sam-sized bandages,” added Quinn, taping one in place. He patted her on the arm. “You’re good to go. Just keep that on for a few hours, and for God’s sake, stay out of trouble for a while.”

Griffin laughed as Quinn walked away, disappearing behind a set of cabinets. Sam tensed as Griffin smoothed his hands down her sides, splaying his fingers across her thighs. She closed her eyes, hoping the dizzy feeling was somehow connected to the laceration, only to curse when a spike of need shot through her as he lowered his lips to her skin.

“Perhaps I should see to your doctor’s wishes, myself,” he rasped, drawing his mouth across the back of her neck to the other side. “Though to adequately assure him of your safety, I’d have to stay close.” He drew a deep breath, humming as the air washed across her flesh. “Would you do me the honor of having dinner with me? I’d be more than happy to answer all of your questions.”

Sam bit her bottom lip. While she wanted to know the truth, a part of her wasn’t certain she was ready to hear it. She tilted her head, intending to turn, but he fisted his hand through her hair, halting her with her neck completely exposed to him. He growled this time, scraping his canines along the sleek muscle threading into her shoulder. She gasped at the erotic sensation, pressing into his mouth, wanting him to increase the pressure, but unsure why. He chuckled at her tactic, laving the area thoroughly before pulling back.

“Is that a yes?” he asked, releasing her hair, but trailing his fingers down her spine before moving around to face her.

She looked up at him, knowing she’d give him anything just to feel his mouth on her skin again. “What time?”

He smiled at her husky reply, tracing the outline of her lips with his finger. “Come by whenever you get hungry. I’ll be waiting.”

Sam held her breath as he walked out of the room, his back flexing beneath the thin vest. She closed her eyes, not sure what the hell she’d just gotten herself into, but knowing she’d be standing at his doorstep long before the first sun dipped below the horizon.