I think the other ladies are trying to kill us off. Two flash fictions in a week. How did no one notice this in the schedule, because I think it’s all year long, lol. Anyway, it’s another episode of Promptly Penned. And not cheating this time, like the picture flash fiction. I WILL write something new, damn it, if it kills me….here’s the prompt…

“I thought I’d made it clear we have a no abduction policy.”

“She wasn’t cooperating. What did you expect me to do?”

Once again, I will endeavour to use the prompt in the opening two lines… though I’ll have to add in a bit to make it work. That’s not cheating, right? Otherwise, it’s the same as everyone else, lol.

Promptly Penned

“I thought I’d made it clear we have a no abduction policy.”

Devlyn Adams ignored the biting tone, glancing at the Director in the mirror as she finished taping the laceration across her lower ribs closed. She shrugged one shoulder, wincing as the strip pulled tight against her skin. “She wasn’t cooperating. What did you expect me to do?”

“I don’t know, oh wait…try calling for backup.” Director Tom Smithers speared his fingers through his hair, destroying the perfectly combed style. “As it stands, I had to send in two clean up crews just to get the damn motel room put back together before someone called the cops. What happened to ‘observe and report back’? Of not making contact? And how the hell did a communications specialist get the jump on you?”

Devlyn tamped down the anger sizzling beneath her skin. After the night she’d had, the last thing she needed was to have her competence questioned. She turned, exhaling slowly as she stared at the man standing no more than a couple of feet away. “You know, I’m not sure what I find more insulting—that you’re pissed I did my job, or…” She waved at the wound. “You think that glorified secretary actually did this.”

The man’s lips twitched as his gaze dropped to her side then back up. He crossed his arms on his chest, still glaring at her. “What, exactly, are you trying to say, Agent Adams? That you didn’t just fuck up seven months worth of covert operations? That clocking your mark over the head and dragging her ass back to our facility—our previously undisclosed facility—was somehow for the greater good? Because not only will Ms. Evergreen know we’ve been spying on her, her damn superiors will know, too. Which means the chance of gathering more evidence is a big fucking zero.”

“I guess that depends on your definition.” She grabbed her top, clenching her teeth against the stabbing pain as she tugged it over her head. Thank god she always kept spare clothing at the damn office. “And I was under the impression the main objective was to keep Ms. Evergreen alive.”

“Devlyn. My patience is waning.”

She reached into her pocket, handing over a small USB drive. “That was all I could grab before I had bug out. But considering Slader showed up on her doorstep…”

He snagged her elbow as she went to move past him. “Slader?”

“The one and only. And he wasn’t there to sell cookies.”

“Shit. It’s happening already.” Smithers pointed down the hallway. “My office. Now.”

“Can I grab a drink, first? I hate taking Motrin without something.”

Devlyn bit back a smile when Smithers mumbled a string of obscenities, heading off in front of her. She detoured to the kitchen, grabbing a pop before making her way to his door. He’d left it opened at a forty-five, the telltale murmur of voices drawing her to a halt. She listened for a few moments, trying to place the familiar tone when the room went silent.

She cursed inwardly, drawing herself up before stepping into the room. Smithers watched her from the window on the opposite wall, two chairs positioned on her side of his desk. Shaggy brown hair and a leather jacket occupied the seat on the right, the width of the man’s shoulders making her trip a step. She’d recognize that silhouette anywhere. Her heart rate kicked up, her breath slightly raspy as she moved farther inside, her hands fisted at her sides. Now wasn’t the time for a freaking reunion, not if it involved him.

Smithers motioned to the chair, raising a brow when she merely crossed her arms on her chest, her gaze sliding to the man then back to her boss. The man snorted. “Just sit the hell down, Devlyn, before you fall down from loss of blood. Don’t think I missed how much was on that towel, or that you’d probably left a bunch more at the scene…and in your car…and…”

She waved for him to stop, this time staring directly at the other man. “I’ll sit just as soon as you tell my why the hell Ryker’s occupying the other one? Last time I checked, he’d bought a one-way ticket to ‘fuck you’.”

Ryker chuckled, gaining his feet before twisting to face her. Her chest tightened painfully as her lungs seemed to stop working. God, the man looked just as hot as she remembered. Tousled hair that brushed his collar. The perfect amount of scruff shadowing his chin and his eyes—she’d never seen eyes that blue. That captivating. She did a quick sweep of his body, praying he’d somehow lost his appeal only to swear under her breath at the obvious strength hidden beneath the leather and denim. She’d always been a sucker for a guy with an impressive torso and Ryker had muscles to spare.

He smirked when her gaze finally landed on his face. “I told the Director you’d be happy to see me. Glad you didn’t disappoint, Dev.”

“Oh, I’m happy to see you as long as I can use my gun to say hello.” She took a calculated step forward. “As I recall, I still owe you a bullet—or ten.”

His expression sobered as he broke eye contact, scanning the room before settling on her again. “If I’d known you’d been hurt—”

“Save it. Any explanation you might have offered is six months too late.” She looked at Smithers. “You’re obviously busy. I’ll come back when you’re ready to discuss Slader.” She spun when the floor creaked behind her.

“That’s far enough, Devlyn.” Smithers voice boomed through the small space, making the hairs on her nape prickle. “I know you and Ryker have history, but…” He waved at the chair when she glanced at him over her shoulder. “Sit. Down.”

She pursed her lips, wondering if she’d make it down the hallway before either of the men caught her when the room dimmed a bit. She took a stumbling step forward, nearly tripping against the open door when a hand snagged her arm, tugging her against a wall of solid muscle. She blinked, giving her head a slight shake as some of the dizziness lifted, leaving her staring into a sea of blue.

Ryker tsked, forcefully maneuvering her over to the chair. “Sit, or you’ll need more than a row of Sterie Strips to keep the blood on the inside of you.”

She pulled against his hold when he crowded her, his face an inch from his.

He cocked his brow in that annoying way that made her want to smack the backside of his head. “Dev. Just…sit. Please.”

The painful tone of his voice caught her off-guard, and she all but fell into the seat as her legs buckled. Christ, she hurt. While the long, jagged cut along her ribs was the worst of her wounds, the multitude of bruises she knew were starting to purple along her torso weren’t much better.

Ryker waited to see if she’d push back to her feet before nodding and moving over to his chair. He kept half his attention focused on her as he slid onto the hard wood, motioning to the Director.

Smithers shook his head. “Stubborn, as usual.”

She glared at Ryker, shifting her gaze to her boss. “I’d say I’m being more than polite under the circumstances. And what the hell as Ryker got to do with the case?”

Smithers sighed, stepping over to his desk then palming the surface. “You said Slader showed up? Tried to kill our mark?”

“Rang the damn doorbell like she was expecting him. I barely had enough time to charge the room, break the window and stop the bastard from putting a few rounds in her head. Her screaming and trying to run off didn’t help matters any.”

“I’m sure nearly dying then watching a couple of trained agents try to kill each other was upsetting to the poor woman.”

“Then maybe she shouldn’t have gotten involved with organized crime.” Devlyn pushed a hand through her hair, wincing when she brushed across a few more cuts. “So…you were going to tell me why I’m sitting beside the one man I’d like to stab through the heart?”

Ryker chuckled again. “Like I’m the only man you want to do that to. I know you better, sweetheart. There’s a list.”

She looked over at him, giving him a sweet smile. “Yeah. One with your name written over and over and over.”

“Enough.” Smithers shook his head. “Damn you two are like fire and gasoline. Never know when everything is going to simply blow up.” He leaned toward her. “And Ryker’s here because there’s been a new development.”

She arched a brow. “Other than having an assassin gunning for me?”

Ryker shrugged. “Trust me. That’s nothing compared to what you’re really up against.”

Smithers sank into his seat. “Afraid the man’s right. Slader’s involvement confirms it, though I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t hoped Ryker was wrong. Exaggerating the situation.”

She took a deep breath, wondering if she’d hit her head harder than she’d thought. “Am I supposed to know what the hell you’re both talking about? Because I don’t.”

Smithers smiled. “Don’t worry. Your partner will fill you in.”

Her stomach dropped as a loud ringing sounded in her ears. “Partner?”

Smithers motioned to Ryker. “Afraid so, Devlyn. Until this case is closed, you’re on loan to the Agency. And Ryker’s your new partner.”


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