So, for the first month, this will be done ahead, lol. Only because this is the yearly writer’s retreat, and I’ll be unplugged when this actually posts. I suppose it’s a good thing in the end. It just means I had to rush for Friday instead of Monday. This month, the song is Little Heaven by Toad the Wet Sprocket. I’m not familiar with the band, though I did like the musical score. The lyrics are a bit… different. I honestly didn’t really ‘get’ the song, but here is my best shot.

And… I decided to resurrect a previous post… hunting buddies…Kent and Seth. If you want to read that first part, go here… or… read on.

“Damn it, Seth, open the damn door.”

Kent fisted his hand against the smooth surface, knocking again when nothing sounded beyond the closed door. It’d been twelve hours since he’d dropped his buddy off at the rundown motel, and more than a couple past when Seth had said he’d meet up with Kent at the dinner. If they lived a normal damn life, Kent would have simply chalked it up to lost time or another round of hot sex with his one-time stand. But there was nothing ‘normal’ about their lives, and he had a bad feeling Seth wasn’t merely handcuffed to the bedpost, a half-clad woman straddled across his hips.

Silence settled around him, the eerie quiet spurring him into action. He reached into his pocket, removing a small set of tools. He glanced around, then bent low, quickly picking the lock. Unease churned in his gut as he straightened, removing a pistol and a flask of holy water. He checked his other supplies, then took a deep breath. The door swung open as he straightened, the interior still encased in shadows. He took a cautious step forward, sweeping the immediate area before moving beyond the threshold. He inched his way inside, cursing under his breath when the door slammed shut behind him, the air heating around him.

He sighed inwardly. He hated being right.

Kent tucked his gun into the back of his pants, then grabbed a salt bomb from his pocket. While it wasn’t as effective against demons as their salt rounds, it would send any unwanted company packing long enough he could search the room. He inched forward, hand at the ready when the floor creaked near the rear, followed by a soft scuffing sound. A raspy breath preceded the attack, Seth’s form blurring into focus from the darkness.

Kent reacted, grabbing his buddy’s arms as the man launched himself at Kent, lips curled into a snarl, his eyes nothing but solid, black discs. They reeled backwards, slamming into the wall. The salt shot out of his hand, landing off to his right in a sea of white, the crystals too far away to do any good.  A picture as it crashed to the floor, bits of glass shattering across the worn linoleum.

Seth fisted Kent’s shirt, lifting him off the ground. “Kent Foster. Must be my lucky day. First, I catch your bitch with his pants down…literally. And now, the big man, himself.”

Kent grinned. “Malcom. Thought we’d sent you back to Hell for good, last time.”

“Guess your latin isn’t as good as you think.”

“My latin’s fine. Seth’s, on the other hand…”

The demon growled, tossing Kent across the room. He landed half on the bed, continuing to the floor and into the small table pushed up against the far wall. Pain sparked through his ribs, stealing his next breath. Footsteps pounded across the floor before his partner grabbed him, once again hoisting him off his feet. The scenery swam as nausea roiled through Kent’s stomach.

“Damn it, Seth, fight him. You’re better than this.”

“Sorry, Seth’s not available right now. But points for trying.”

“He’s not gone. He’ll find his way back.”

“And here I thought you were the brains in the relationship. The dependable one. Seth doesn’t have any control right now. In fact, he can’t even stop me from spilling his greatest secret.” He leaned in close, the overwhelming stench of sulphur burning Kent’s senses. “All these hookups, the hot one-night stands—they’re all just distractions. A way of keeping him from telling you the truth.  That all this time, and it’s really you he’s been pinning for. Who fills his thoughts. Who he wants hot and sweaty between the sheets.” Malcolm laughed. “I do believe he’s in love with you.”

Kent stilled, his hands wrapped around Seth’s arm, feet still dangling above the floor. His stomach plummeted into his boots, his breath stalling in his chest.

Malcolm shrugged. “If only you could see your face… Almost makes me want to spare your life.” He yanked him closer. “Almost.”

“Fuck you.”

Kent flicked his thumb, popping off the top of the flask then tossing the holy water across his buddy’s face. Steam curled off the man’s skin, a sharp hissing noise filling the room. Seth staggered backwards, releasing Kent’s neck. Kent fell to the floor, hitting hard. The room shifted slightly, before he managed to roll onto his feet. He reached for his pocket, grabbing his phone, only to be flung against the wall, an invisible hold tightening around his throat. He clawed at the force, lungs burning as they tried to inflate.

The demon stepped in closer, the marks from the holy water just starting to fade. “Did you really think that would be enough? I dare say you’re losing your touch.”

Kent activated his phone, using his thumb to start the recording. His taped voice broke the momentary quiet, the ancient words sounding around them. Seth’s body reeled backwards as he palmed his head to cover his ears. Spasms shook through his muscles, pain twisting his features into a scowl.

The hold on Kent’s throat vanished, and he fell to his knees, dragging in a few painful breaths. Spots danced across his vision, a dull ringing in his head. He gave himself a mental shake, finally staggering to his feet. Seth had collaapsed onto his knees, his hands still holding his head. His buddy lifted his face, sneering at Kent when their gazes clashed. The other man’s focus shifted to the phone and he reached for it, flinging it across the room.

The words cut off as the cell hit the wall, the last phrase hanging in the air. The demon laughed, only to scream as Kent picked up where the recording had left off, reciting the latin exorcism. Seth reached for him, those invisible fingers curling around Kent’s throat again. Pain burned along his flesh, but he pushed forward, still muttering the words. Pressure built along his chest, the tight feeling shading the edges of his vision into grey.

“I won’t go back…”

The demon’s voice keened into a scream as Seth’s head tilted back, a surge of red smoke pouring out his mouth. The mist whirled toward the ceiling, coiling in on itself before exploding outwards, disappearing in a blur of crimson fog.

The grip around Kent’s neck vanished, and he fell forward onto his hands,  gasping in a few painful breaths. The scenery swam, churning his stomach before finally stabilizing. Kent raised his head, looking at where Seth had been kneeling. The other man had collapsed onto the floor, a slight grimace gracing his face.

Kent crawled over to his friend, checking for a pulse, exhaling a relieved breath at the steady thrum beneath his fingertips. He gave Seth a firm shake. “Damn it, Seth, wake up.”

Seth groaned, rolling his head to one side before slivering his eyelids open. He blinked a few times, squinting at Kent as his eyes seemed to finally focus. “Kent? What the…”

Kent arched a brow. “I told you things would turn out ugly.”

“Actually, you said she’d turn out to be a werewolf. Technically, you were wrong.”

“Right, because red-eyed demon is such a step up.” He gave Seth a playful shove. “So, where’s your date?”

Seth punched Kent in the shoulder. “Like I fucking know. The last thing I remember clearly was kissing her, then bam…demon possession. Maybe she took off.”

Kent groaned. “Are you seriously telling me you went straight for the nasty without testing her first? No silver? Salt? Not even a splash of holy water?” He shook his head. “Either you’re losing your edge or you need to get laid more often, because that was just reckless.”

“She was a hunter. I assumed she’d be okay.”

“And that was your first mistake.”

“Save the lecture, Kent. I know I fucked up.” His smile faded and Seth stumbled to his feet, tripping his way over to the far wall. He braced his weight on one hand before glancing at Kent over his shoulder. He opened his mouth, looking as if he wanted to ask Kent something, then quickly closed it again.

Kent sighed then stood, making his way across the room. He stopped an arm’s length away, watching Seth’s other hand fist and release at his side. “We should talk.”

“How about we drink, instead, and forget what that fucker Malcolm said. He was just trying to mess with you.”

“So, you’re saying he lied? About everything?”

Seth’s face paled. “I’m saying that it was a demon. You know better than to trust anything they say.”

Kent palmed the wall beside Seth’s head when the man tried to push past him. Kent leaned in close, allowing his breath to feather over the other man’s face. “You want to know what I think? I think that bastard just outed you and you’re so damn scared you’ll say anything to avoid a confrontation.”


Kent cut the man off with a hard press of his lips against his. Seth stiffened against him, fisting Kent’s shirt, holding him firm before slowly tugging him closer. Kent moaned into the kiss, pushing his tongue inside, tasting the pure essence that was all Seth before finally pulling back. He didn’t move far, resting his forehead on the other man’s as he breathed the guy in.

Something settled in his chest as he stared down at Seth. He gave the man a smile. “Still think we have nothing to talk about?”

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