After epically failing to post on Monday for Flash Fiction… damn you time… I’m here for an easier post. Okay, these aren’t actually that easy, but I’ll try, damn it.

So I thought it was a wordless Wednesday. And the topic is… My style, my looks, my personality. But nah nah… it’s 5 WORDS OR LESS WEDNESDAY. But you know what… fuck it. I’m leaving in the photos that go with the words… so BAM… Okay here goes….


Unique, Chaotic, Athletic, Natural, Casual

And now, the endless images I thought I was supposed to post…enjoy 🙂





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9 thoughts on “5 WORDS OR LESS WEDNESDAY

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    1. Kris Norris Post author

      AN ANIMAL!!!! BOOYAH. Okay, I don’t really think I’m that crazy, but then again… crazy is kind of the theme. I try to ‘let it out slow’ but crazy doesn’t always listen to reason.

  4. Gwen Cease

    Like I said, I am so marrying you so I survive the zombie apocalypse. Plus, you have a unique and chaotic personality I totally dig. 😉


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