A week captured in pictures…

Random time again, and this is one of the wordless Wednesday posts. Which of course means there’ll be less words. Never none. Hello. We’ve already established that I have a bit of trouble ‘shutting up’. I know. Shocking to all.

So this month it’s a week captured in pictures. One image a day for seven days. Now, don’t fall over, but I even have a picture of me. I know, I know. Now, I already put it up on FaceBook, but damn, I almost never post pictures of myself, so don’t fall over from the shock.















I’m assuming we aren’t supposed to chat about the images. So let your imagination run wild. Hint, we happened to go to the movies this week. Twice, lol. Now check out the other ladies and see what a week in their life is like in pictures.

Bronwyn Green  |  Jessica Jarman  |  Kellie St. James

Jessica De La Rosa  | Gwendolyn Cease

10 Replies to “A week captured in pictures…”

  1. You are so beautiful and your pics are too. I’m lame I didn’t even say what day my pics are from. I just tossed them all up there and I had way more than one a day. I’m a rule breaker. Ha!!

    1. Ah, thanks. I’m just stunned I actually had pics to put up. That I actually took random ones this week, not even remembering we were supposed to.

    1. I was having a great hair day. As you know, those don’t happen often, so… had to grab a shot. And Syd is so amazing. She makes it looks so easy. I’m going to post her entire routine one day. Her last one to Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud is so beautiful.

  2. Sydney is amazing like her mama! But I giggled at the chick on floor too. LOL

    No, seriously, you’re freaking gorgeous. Have I ever told you that you’re totally someone my dad would date? And I so don’t mean that in a weird creepy way. Every time I see you I think about how adorable you two would be together. :p He’s pretty adorable too. 🙂

    What happened to the phone?! Yikes!

    1. Ah thanks, honey. Syd amazes me every time I see her climb the silks. She makes it look so easy.
      And hey… you can’t say your dad would date me, that he’s adorable and now at some point send me an adorable pic :).
      As for the phone. A friend’s mom.. yes mom.. dropped it and shattered the front. Very sad Panda… lol.

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