I can’t be the only one who knows that song. LOL. And you all know how I hate just having regular titles, so… this week on random Wednesday, the topic is… what made me smile this week. And wouldn’t you know… I actually have a few things that fit. Out of the ordinary things, so yeah…good timing, lol.

Not that I don’t normally smile. I do. The kids make me laugh and smile all the time. I’m a genuinely happy person…I think, lol. But I’ll highlight the unique ones.

Syd performed at a variety show celebrating the town’s 100 year birthday. Along with Brynn, they did the duet they’d created for their aerial arts class back in March. And they were stunning. It actually brought me to tears. I should be getting an actual video of it, but I took a couple of pics (against the rules, lol) They’re pretty crappy, but…I’m so proud of her and Brynn. Talk about smile worthy…


Had exceptionally great running day. I mean, it was like flying. Almost surreal. Here’s one of me and Bandit at the end. And one of a part of the trail. It’s so beautiful Can’t believe I get to live in this part of the world.





I got to watch and film my oldest doing a backflip off the bridge downtown. Now, he did try a double—it didn’t quite go as planned—but the camera screwed up on me. Or I did, lol. So I only have this one. But trust me. I’ve jumped off here once, and it’s a hell of a long way down. Kudos for the kids that have no fear.



I also got to go on the BEST DATE EVER! Went hiking up Brunswick Mountain with an amazing guy. Not only was the company fantastic, but the views from the top were stunning. And did I mention the company was awesome! The hike was 15Km round trip (so not that long) but up nearly 6000 feet. So… well worth the climb. Here’s a few of the pics I took…






So there you have it. A few special features that made me smile more than usual. Lucky me it was this week, lol. Now check out the other ladies and see what made them smile.

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