Brain Dump

So, this is my first time doing a brain dump. I think I’ve elected not to do them, before. Now, I know why. It’s hard. I asked myself… what’s inside my head. The answer was a resounding NOTHING. Or… so much it’s just a high-pitched scream. 😀 But, I shall push through it. So, here’s my post. Oh and in case you didn’t notice, I gave the website a makeover and… made the jump to WordPress. Maybe that was the cause of my insomnia? hmmm….


This won’t be a complaint. I know lots of folks have issues sleeping. For the past twenty years it was kids. Now, well, now it’s just hormones and my brain refusing to shut down because of stress. Or whatever. I’ll admit, seeing my kids fall asleep on the couch and sleep through their alarms… makes me want to stab them just a bit. Maybe shove that irritating alarm noise up their asses… but I digress. I’ve come to appreciate this time as my quality “try to think up a plot” time. Or, “scratch the cat” time. Maybe even “stare at the ceiling” time.

Yes, I’ve tried my own kind of sleep aid.. Benadryl. That stuff knocks me out… but then I can barely get up the next morning, so I use it sparingly. I wait until I’m so grumpy that it’s do or die. But, in the spirit of being positive, here’s some fun visuals of my experience with insomnia. Enjoy…

This is how it begins…


So you stare some more figuring it has to end soon, eh?


Things get a bit…. heated.


Nothing seems to work.


Even the cat is against you.


No caption needed here, folks…


This is you until it passes…. still waiting…


And that’s it for me, folks. I’m just sitting here, rocking back and forth… waiting. go visit the others and see what they chatted about.

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  1. Yay WordPress! Boo for insomnia though… that blows. Have you tried Magnesium Oil? Sometimes using it will knock me out like benedryl without the hangover!

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