Brain Dump ~ October

It’s time for another brain dump. Honestly, I’m not even sure what to say. As far as writing goes… trying hard to finish Cannon’s story… but damn, the man is being difficult. I’m close. But close doesn’t count in writing, lol. And I’m fresh out of hand grenades, so…

It doesn’t help that I’m desperately trying to get back in renovation mode. So, for the last bit here, I’m including a few images of the on-going process. I’m tackling the first level. I’m almost done painting everything. Next are the floors. Then… well, then it’ll be all the new moulding and, well, I’m not sure it ever ends. But here’s the project.

First… the upstairs, main bathroom. Finished it not to long ago. And I love how it turned out.


And here’s the first level. There is a ton of stuff everywhere. So… you have to overlook the crap because, well, I’ll clean it all up once I’m done. Not to mention I had to put some stuff in other places, lol. But, you get the gist… I’ll try to include a few before and during demo, then the painted bit so far…

Okay, so these are all views from inside the main grand room on the ground floor. As you can see it had horrible painted panelling. Now, you can paint panelling, nicely. This sucked. Also, it was barely attached in most places. Overall it just sucked. And it was green. Like limey green. In the first two, that opening used to be the same size as the door image further down. I knocked some poorly made walls down, which I also did with the front, and now both entrances are about 55 inches wide. It looks so much better. Also, in that first image, that’s now a closed in laundry room, that will have a barn door and will be updated either this weekend or next week. I’m just waiting on the flooring for it.

See that horrible orange and yellow paint? That was a bedroom. A stupidly positioned and build one. It’s now sectioned off, and I just finished painting it the same colour blue as you’ll see in the images below. I just couldn’t get one of it, now because I waited too long and it’s night.

This is the main entrance to this space by the front door. I removed basically everything over to that stud wall on the right.

As you can see, there was this weird rise and a pillar in the middle. That did nothing. Like nothing. It was only nailed into the wood ceiling.

And here is the after images. Again, it’s not done. All the walls are drywalled. The ceiling was painted and I’ve painted all the walls. And the fireplace. It still needs that same flooring as in the bathroom images up top. But… what an improvement already.

Fireplace with original brick colour….

Finished. I didn’t have a photo but originally, it also had brass accents. Now, all matte black.

With wall painted blue and you can see the ceiling is white. Added in more vintage like lighting…

This is the hallway where you saw the laundry room before. It’s closed in and the barn door will go in that wall area to the right of the door. And you can see the archway in is almost as large as the hallway… which is getting painted grey tomorrow, lol.

View in from the foyer. That’s the Frey colour. And you can see how big the entrance is compared to that door image above. What a difference that makes. The grey flooring will go throughout downstairs, except the laundry room which is getting a funky new floor that is more resilient should there ever be a flood in there, lol.

You can see the raised section—gone. I will build a step for the slider once I get to the flooring, lol.


I have also painted the new bedroom that was created downstairs. There was a super crappy sort of bedroom down there, but… now it has nice walls, and doesn’t have the outside door included. I would have taken a photo but I haven’t put up the lighting in there, yet, and it’s night, so… I didn’t think ahead—NO ONE IS SURPRISED.

I’ve also been dealing with a stupid dog bite. That’s a long ass story…but who knew puncture wounds were so damn painful? And took so long to heal, since they don’t generally stitch animal bites (I know, faces and sometimes they do, but not for just two puncture wounds, lol) At least I only lost a few days of running… I read it helped speed healing so I went out sooner than planned. Again, no one is surprised.

That’s it for me. Please join the others…

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