Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful…

Okay, that’s not really how I think, but some of you might be “young” enough to remember that commercial where Kelly LeBrock would turn to the camera and say that. I hated that commercial, lol. I wonder if that’s why I’m somewhat opposed to makeup? Which brings up this week’s favourite things thread—beauty products.

Now I suppose beauty products don’t have to be makeup. Actually maybe they aren’t. See, this is the problem. I’m not sure I even know what beauty products encompass. But since I hardly use anything, this is an extremely short post.

So, one thing you may or may not know about me. I DON’T WEAR MAKEUP. Ever, really, unless my daughter is in the mood to do a makeover. Not that I think it’s evil. I don’t. I guess I just got this notion that people should appreciate your natural beauty. That eye liner and eye shadow shouldn’t define who I am or how I feel about myself. Trust me, as I get older, I’m starting to wonder if this is a wise choice. Lord knows makeup can hide a wealth of sins, lol.

Despite this aversion to makeup (and let’s be honest. It’s really because I’m just not willing to put the time into it) I do believe in healthy looking skin and trying to slow the aging process. Now, I don’t know if any of those kinds of products work, but I’m giving it the college try with a few I really love.

First. Dove scented body wash. I love Dove liquid soap. LOVE. IT. It leaves my skin soft and the fragrances you can get. Damn, there’s something about knowing you smell good that makes me feel confident. Pretty, even. Like a favourite perfume. I also love that Dove doesn’t leave that sticky, filmy feeling. So yeah, this is one of my favourite beauty products. To the point, I ensure I always have a backup one stored away.

Clairol Preference Hair Colour. I’m not going to even try to deny I colour my hair. I do. Because I personally don’t like grey. Or silver or white or whatever you want to call the lack of pigment in your hair. It makes me feel old. I’m not saying that I don’t like grey hair on others or that it’s not pretty. I just don’t like it for me, lol. Issues, people. Lots and lots of secret issues.

Lastly, I do have a skin regiment that I love. It’s Derm Exclusive by Beachbody. And why is no one surprised that I love a Beachbody product? But I really do love this stuff. Now, I’m not sure if it’s helping with aging skin or preventing it, or slowing it or anything. But it leaves my skin soft and it makes me feel better about it. So whether it helps with wrinkles (that word. I hate that word) or not, I love the way it makes my skin look. And there’s a sunscreen moisturizer included, and we all know that not exposing your skin to the harsh rays of the sun for prolonged time means less visible aging, right? I get my dose of vitamin D during my morning run. Before the sun is nasty, lol.

And that’s really it. I sometimes might use lip balm…hint, there’s one included in the Beachbody set, too, but I do like other lip balms. Blistix is one of my fave… Now I’m sure the other ladies have far more exciting products. Hop on over and see what they have to say.

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10 Replies to “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful…”

  1. You don’t wear makeup (GASP!) But really, I look at many of the woman I work with and they don’t wear makeup either. I see no problem with going natural, especially if you are as lucky as yourself and can pull it off =)

    1. LOL…believe me, I think I probably should wear it. At the end of the day, I’m just lazy. Who wants to spend an hour getting ready. I get home from my run and am out the door 15 ins later, and that’s with showering.

    1. Damn, it’s called Derm Exclusive. I always mix it up. It really is nice. I ran out for a bit and I noticed the difference. Now, after using it again for a few weeks, already my skin is softer and looks healthier. Maybe it’s all in my mind. The placebo thing, but I don’t care. As long as I love it 🙂

  2. Of course you don’t wear makeup. Because, as Bron says, you’re freaking gorgeous. Funny but as I’ve gotten older I’ve dropped makeup items. I only wear foundation and blush and certainly not every day. If I’m only running out for a quick Starbucks I go makeup free. So I’m glad i’m not the only one

    1. I know part of the issue is time. I get home from running in the morning and I barely have time to put on the skin cream and sunscreen. To do make up too? And some is rebellious. Why do women have to hide that they have a freckle. Or that their skin tone isn’t perfectly even. Of course, I’m also single, so…….

  3. I think it’s amazing that you don’t wear makeup and look as fab as you do! I would give up makeup but then I’d have to never leave the house. LOL I don’t wear tons, but what I do wear I HAVE to. :p

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