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It’s another First Time post. This edition is the almighty first kiss. Le sigh. I love first kisses. The expectation. The promise of more. I thought choosing one would be simple. It wasn’t. Ultimately, I’ve decided to give you a preview of my next Delta Force book. Six. I hope to have it out at least in pre-order in June.  Anyway, I’ll share the cover, not that I’ve officially released it but it’s so freaking sexy, why not. And here is their first official kiss.

Note: This hasn’t been edited, so…

He was going to kiss her. Right there in the bathroom. Her back against the counter. His arms braced to either side. Not touching, but holding her captive just the same. Trapping her between the sink and his body. The one she’d been dreaming about exploring for months. That was only inches away.

Kameron wasn’t even going to have to move. Tip-toe up to reach him. Not with the way he’d leaned forward. Placed that perfect mouth of his level with hers. Just waiting for her to give him a sign. Maybe a slight tilt of her head. A bat of her eyelashes. 

Six didn’t speak. Didn’t break eye contact. Give her an inch. He just held firm, all that intense focus centered on her. Waiting. As if he had nothing better to do than stand there, their breath mixing. Gazes locked. A minute shift, and their bodies were skimming each other. Barely touching. Yet, she felt his presence like a gravitational force pulling her toward him. A collision that had been taking shape since the day they’d met. 

Kam wet her lips, damn near moaned when he shifted his attention just enough to follow the slow swipe. She exhaled, his name rasping free on a breath of air. “Six.”

One side of his mouth lifted at the rough sound. Then, the other. Until he was smiling. Not smug. As if he’d been expecting her to give in. He looked genuinely pleased. Almost surprised. Though, that faded. Quickly replaced by that sexy confidence that glowed around the man like a damn beacon. The one she’d been blinded by all this time. Only, she wasn’t in the shadows, anymore.

Six angled down slightly, brushing his mouth across hers. Not a kiss. More a promise of one. A glimpse of where they were heading. Where they’d been heading all this time.


That did her in. Her name in that low raspy voice. The feel of it feathering across her skin. She closed her eyes, sinking against him as his mouth slid over hers. And god help her, it was better than she’d imagined. Better than kissing any other guy, and he hadn’t done much more than press their mouths together. Steal her breath. She wasn’t sure what he was waiting for. If he wasn’t convinced she really wanted this. If this was just a tease.

Hell, no. She’d been fighting her attraction for months, and she wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip past without a real taste. One she could put into memory—in case this was her only chance. That he’d realize he could do so much better than an ex-intelligence officer who’d had to piece herself back together. Who’d lost some of those pieces back in the desert.

Kam lifted her arms—speared her hands through his hair. Wrapping the silky strands around her fingers. Did every man have hair this soft? Like velvet? Caressing her skin as she crushed her mouth against his, opening when he licked at the seam of her lips.

Six paused for a moment, mouths open. Waiting. Then, his hands were on her back. Her ass. Sliding through her hair as he shuffled them sideways—pinned her to the wall. All that muscle hard against her. Making her mold into his frame. She vied for control, giving it over to him when he lifted her just enough to grind her cleft on his erection.

And if she hadn’t tensed every muscle. Hadn’t physically fought it off—she would have orgasmed. Right there. Shattered in his arms from nothing more than a kiss.

And it scared her down to her bones. That he had this affect on her. That she wanted—no, needed him. Not just as a partner. A teammate. But in her life. Her bed. Every day and night for the foreseeable future. Until death, just like in the damn vows. The ones that were nothing more than ghostly echoes in her head. Intangible memories that never quite took shape.

Had she tensed? Moaned? Accidentally shoved at him because he stopped. Mouths still joined, his body holding hers prisoner against the wall. But the fire—the intensity in his touch—had vanished. As if he’d flicked a switch.

Panic crawled along her spine, beading her skin, as Six eased back, tilting his head to one side. Glancing over his shoulder at the door. Kam frowned, wondering if he was trying to map out an exit strategy. If he needed a plan on how to untangle their limbs—navigate the four feet of space between them and the door. 

She should let go. Give him an out. But trying to get her fingers to open—release that mass of brown hair. Allow that sexy mouth to move out of range of hers… The signals weren’t getting through. Instead, she nuzzled his neck, licking at the pulse point near the base. “Six.”

He moaned. Or was it a growl? She didn’t know. Didn’t care because he was back. Rubbing against her, flexing his fingers as he tilted his head—granted her access. She kissed her way up to his jaw, nipping at his lower lip.

Dark brown eyes—more umber than coffee, now—gazed down at her, his eyebrow arching in question. “Was that a challenge?”

God, his voice. How could it make her ache? All wet and needy when he hadn’t said more than a few words? She could figure it out later. After she’d stripped him bare. Felt all that power moving inside her.

Six lifted his hands—cupped her face. Held her still as he ravaged her mouth. Tipping her head back then making his way down her neck. Teasing the sensitive spot behind her ear. Sucking at her skin. Heat seared beneath her flesh, through her core—so close to cresting, again—when he stopped. Did that weird glance over his shoulder, again.

Was he muttering under his breath? Moving back? Had he actually changed his mind, this time? Had she not lived up to the fantasy? Because he’d exceeded hers.

A curse, then his forehead resting on hers. His chest heaving against her. “I swear to god, I’m going to kill Cannon.”

Kill? Cannon?

She went to question him when she heard it. Knocking on the door. A voice calling out their names. Had Six sensed the other man coming back? Is that why he’d kept looking over his shoulder?

He traced his thumb along her lips, waiting until she stared up at him. “God, you’re beautiful.”

I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek. And please join the other ladies playing along this week for their first kisses…

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