Please tell me at least a few of you continued on with the song from Tangled. Because I love love love that movie.  So, for those of you who are a bit obsessive like me, here it is…

Okay back to the post. This week’s topic is Writing dreams and aspirations.

And I assume we’re talking beyond the obvious… be incredibly famous, make millions of dollars and win endless awards dream…

Okay, so what would I like to accomplish? I’d really love to have a series or a book go bigger than they do. I’m not talking millions of copies, but… I guess I sometimes don’t feel like I’ve ‘made it’, ya know? As if there’s a certain minimum level of recognition or distribution that  has to be met before people stop considering what I do a ‘hobby’. Yes, I’m rolling my eyes.  You know the type… because you work from home it’s not REAL WORK. Despite the fact I spend hours upon hours doing this NON WORK.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure I know what this magical level is that would make me feel as if I’d truly made it as an author. Maybe it’s a traditional publishing contract. Maybe it’s hitting a list. Maybe it’s just finally feeling completely in control of my career—a path I’m taking steps on. I recently regained the rights to the majority of my books, so getting them back out there under my own terms feels like a step in the right direction. But I still feel as if I have a long way to go. Like understanding marketing. I keep trying but then epically fail. Every. Time. And it’s hard to get your book in front of new readers if you’re not getting the word out. I just wish I knew how to do this…

As for other dreams… I sometimes dream about having my own actual publishing company. Something far beyond self-publishing and one that authors could trust and actually want to publish with. Though, in these days of questionable companies, I think convincing folks you’re honest might be the ultimate challenge. We’ve all been burned… I waffle on this a lot. Not just because of what it would take to get it going but because I know it would end up being so much work. Far more than I’m probably aware of… and I’d end up just wanting to write, again.

And if I’m going to be perfectly honest here, I’d love to have a book be turned into a movie. (maybe more than one, lol) Of course, I’d probably have issues with who was picked to star in them, because I know we authors are very particular about our leading men and women. And wouldn’t it just be dumb luck that someone you truly disliked got picked, lol.

So, I feel as if I didn’t do this topic justice. I think it’s because my dreams are quite simple—make a living to sustain myself completely on writing and graphic art. I’ve had some success with this but I’m not really where I need to be. And I think that would be enough for me. Maybe that’s the elusive… made it… level.

Anyway, go check out the other ladies. I’m sure they have far more in-depth ideas.

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