Dear god, where is the time going. Seriously, I have so much to do. So freaking little time. I need nine days a week now, and thirty hours in a day. But I digress. It’s another Random Wednesday, and for me, this is going to be a short post. Why? Because I’m stressed and poetically, the topic this week is… How I Relax When I’m Stressed.

Well, I’ll tell you folks for free that it’s not by doing blog posts, lol. True, they can be cathartic at times. But right now, I just need more time. Also, there’s only a handful of things I do to relax.

So… here goes.


NO ONE IS SURPRISED. NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON. And no one’s shocked that it’s my number one way to battle stress. My friends know that I consistently call running my “attitude adjustment’. And it’s true. There’s something about the sound of your feet hitting the dirt. The smell of cottonwood and pine. The chirping of birds or even the buzzing of flies. The way the sun plays peek-a-boo through the foliage. Or simply just being alone with the dog. No other voices. No way for folks to interrupt me. (FYI. I have specific text tones so I know which ones I might want to look at while I’m out there.) Just me, the trail and my thoughts. And trust me—it’s hard to still be angry when you get back an hour later. Not sure if it’s the sweat, or the rapid heart rate. The increase in oxygen or just the passing scenery still playing in your head. But it works.  And it’s not just running. Riding or doing a BeachBody video works just as well. I just need something to draw me in. To focus on. And generally breathing and trying not to die (lol) do the trick.


Let’s face it. It’s not always convenient to go for a jog. Or pop in a workout video. Hell, maybe it’s at night and I’m already exercised out, lol. Or it’s pouring rain…sideways with strong winds. Or there’s snow. I know… that white shit. Anyway, if my usual go-to isn’t an option, then music can alter my mood. Or even allow me to wallow in it if that’s what I need. I love this song quote… you sing a sad song just to turn it around… So true. And music, like books, can take you places, so… it’s definitely a way to get rid of the stress.


Again. NO ONE IS SURPRISED. Please, I am NOT the only one who Netflix binges. Whether it be Supernatural, Archer, South Park, Castle…name it and I probably watch several episodes in a row. Hell, sometimes a whole damn season if it’s short enough. But yeah…getting lost in endless shows is one of my faves.

Alex, I’d like to… Call a Friend.

Sometimes, there’s no other choice but to bitch. Vent. Whatever. This is where your dearest of dear friends comes in. You know the one or ones. Who don’t judge. Who know when to simply nod or when to offer something. Encouragement. The proper expletive. An adjective or two. But it’s funny how talking it out can often make you realize it’s not as bad as you think. That there’s a hint of a light at the end of the tunnel…and no, it’s not the 508 heading for New York.

If I were in a relationship, the next one might very well be sex. And yeah, nothing takes your mind off of everything else quite like it. I hope to add this to the list as a viable option in the near future, lol. And please, you were all thinking it. You just didn’t want to be the one to put it down in writing.

And finally…if it’s a really tough day. If I’m at my rope… a good cry might be in order. And I’m sure no one is shocked when I say this is a last resort. I’m not a fan of crying. Work with me folks. I have issues. But there are times, this is the only ‘release’ that works. So yup… a good cry. Generally in the guise of a super sappy, depressing movie. But a cry none the less.


That’s it for me. Go check out the other ladies. See how they deal with the big S (not sex, lol).

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  1. I hate to cry too, but sometimes it feels so good to bawl and get it all out. Though when you’re in the middle of the weep it sucks. LOL!

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