Okay, I’m not sure whether this is a sign of encroaching madness or just that I have too many stories I want to write, because I probably have close to eight different books started. And for some I have a significant amount written. More likely, it’s a sign of my inability to focus…is that a boat out on the water? Did someone call my name?

I would have loved to have picked From Grace book 2, Michael’s story, but…. dear god I actually finished it. I know… no one is more surprised than I. Look for it this coming January from ARe.

Anyway, back to my current WIP. I’m going to chose the next Threshold Book. Sadly, I don’t even have a damn title yet. (Of course I do should I have picked any other WIP) Titles are hard, people. I sometimes have to make crossroad deals so they don’t totally suck…

So… Threshold book 2. I plan to release it this October. One of my few self-published books, though I’m looking forward to expanding next year…more on that later. I wish I had a cover, as I’ll be making it, but alas, I can’t even ply you with pretty offerings. But…I can tell you a bit about the book.

Threshold is an organization within Homeland Security that deals with threats of the paranormal nature. There are different departments, each specializing in their own oddity. Book 1 saw Daniel and Arrynn battle a really nasty ghost with the help of Tanner and Garret, the werewolf division guys. Book 2… you guessed it, is Garret and Tanner’s book.

What can I say about Garret and Tanner? They’ve been known to be a bit arrogant. Other more colourful words might be used to describe their personalities, but underneath it all, they’re loyal, determined, dedicated hunters, who would sacrifice their lives without hesitation. They’re also partners in their personal lives. But they recognize that there’s a piece missing.

In walks Piper Collins. She’s an analyst and dispatcher for Threshold who stumbles upon a grisly attack. She’s the kind of person who prefers to stay behind the scenes. But it’s not because she can’t handle herself. Piper’s harbouring a secret—one that might put her on the wrong side of Tanner and Garret’s silver bullets. Of course, things get complicated when emotions enter the equation.

I’d share a visual board, but… I don’t really make them. I tend to have images inside my head, but they usually aren’t tied to actors. But I can share a snippet… FYI, this book was started as a couple of Flash Fictions. I’ve added to them but, the general gist was there.


Garret Weston stared into Piper’s blue eyes, a tinge of guilt souring his gut as the white in them increased, her gaze darting to Tanner then back. Her chest heaved against his as she seemed to force herself to swallow, the action grazing the edge of the knife harder against her skin.

She froze for a moment, fear clouding her eyes before a hint of color rose amidst the light blue hue on her cheeks, the muscle in her jaw clenching. “Seriously? You’re holding me at knife point after I just saved your and Tanner’s sorry asses?”

Garret inched closer, pressing more of his body against hers. “That assessment’s a bit premature. For all we know, you just want the privilege of killing us, yourself.”

Genuine shock rounded her eyes, an audible inhale accentuating her confusion. Her gaze once again flicked to Tanner, a new emotion shaping her features. “Tanner’s bleeding. He needs help.”

“Just as soon as I’m sure it’s safe for us to head to the hospital. That we’ll make it there alive.”

“Why the hell would I save you—expose myself in the process, I might add—if I really wanted you dead? Running away and letting that…that…thing bleed you dry would have been much easier.” She placed her hands on his chest, giving him a shove. “So either kill me, or back the hell off.”

“You haven’t answered my questions.”

“I don’t know what it is. I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

“Fine. Then what the fuck are you?”

Her chin quivered a bit before she clenched it again. “Not your enemy.” She huffed. “For god’s sake, Garret. I work for Threshold. Do you really think I’d do that if I were a threat?”

He cocked half his mouth into a grin. “What better place for a monster to hide, than in plain sight.”

Hurt misted her eyes a moment before he was flung backwards, landing on his ass several feet away. The blue glow on her skin increased, the sheer beauty of it stealing his breath. Christ, it felt…warm. Peaceful.

Piper took a step forward, hair lifting off her shoulders despite the lack of a breeze. “I swear by all that’s holy, if you ever touch me again, I’ll show you just how much of a monster I can be.” She waved at him a second time when he tried to stand, knocking him back again. “I suggest you stay down until I’m finished.”


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  1. I think I am finding the issue with these “behind the scenes” posts. All of a sudden I have WIPs I can’t wait to have finished so I can read them. *sigh* To quote Bronwyn above – “write faster.” 😀 Thank you for sharing.

  2. I love that you brought Supernatural to the table. lol. Crossroads deals for titles. Psst: Crowley’s minions aren’t in a giving mood. I know from my title-less experience on my current WIP. He also says hi. What’s with that?

    Yeah, I’m a goof when I don’t sleep.

    So excited for… Everything. You could write a damn grocery list and I’d read it. <3 So WRITE MOAR FASTER!

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