It’s a bird, it’s a plane…

Another year dawns and it’s the beginning of fifty-two weeks worth of Wednesday Randomness. Okay, probably only fifty. We take a couple off throughout the year, but the point is…this is the start. The first post in what I hope will be a year of successful blogging. Because that’s one of my goals. To blog more. Now, knowing the kind of person I am, I decided to attempt to make realistic goals, because otherwise, I tend to set myself up for failure. But not this year—no more excuses.

So let’s start off the year with a fun one. Favourite things, and in this edition—


Now, who doesn’t love a great superhero. In all honestly, I could probably list every one I know, because they all have abilities or qualities I admire. Powers I wish I could wield. But it’s supposed to be our ‘favourites’. Like I can choose. Hello…that’s why they have so freaking many of them. You kind of want to be them all. But in the spirit of the post, I’ll list my all-time favourite larger-than-life, bad-ass good guys.

1 — The Hulk.  

Don’t even try to act surprised by this. The ability to turn into a raging green monster who still manages to do good? Save lives! Who wouldn’t want that. True, it seems lately there are weeks where I probably wouldn’t stop being the Hulk, but… there’s just something alluring about him. And how in most of the movies he responds to the woman he loves. And he gets to smash shit. An entire legion of men and aliens try to bring the guy down, but he JUST. KEEPS. GOING. But what I think I love most about Bruce Banner is that he’s a reluctant hero. He tries not to give in to the Hulk. He sees himself as a monster—oh nah nah. He’s so much more than just a hero. So yeah, Bruce ‘the Hulk’ Banner in any form is definitely on my list of favourites.

2 — Iron Man.

Tony Stark. Or Robert Downey Jr. Either way…do I need to say anything else? Stark is the consummate bad boy with a noble heart, who chooses the right path, even if he is more than a bit arrogant and misguided at times. And the guy’s a freaking genius. GENIUS people. Like Dr. Spencer Reid genius. And if there’s something I find inherently sexy, it’s intelligence. That coupled with his charm and sex appeal. And if all of that isn’t enough… he has Jarvis. I love Jarvis. I’ve actually thought about telling Siri I want to address him as Jarvis from now on. I know—be afraid, folks. Be very afraid.


3 — Constantine 

Please, this is not shocking anyone. That Keanu Reeves would make my Superhero list. Besides, what’s not to love. He banishes demons. Fights to restore light to the darkness. And all the while pretty much flipping off angels and people in general. I obviously have a thing for reluctant heroes. And Constantine embodies all of it.





4 — Alice


Something you may not know about me. My youngest son, Jared, and I love to watch movies. Good, bad…it doesn’t matter. And I watched the entire Resident Evil series just for him. But who am I kidding. I loved them. Not, perhaps, Oscar winners, but Alice. I want to be her. Zombie killing bad-ass who wears thigh-high boots (but ones you could actually run in, thank you…) cute skirts or jeans and sexy as hell jackets. And the girl is loaded. Guns. Knives. Ninja stars. She has it all and man, the girl can fight. She’s definitely on my list.



5 — Legolas.

Having watched all the Hobbit movies and the Lord of the Ring movies—Legolas is still one of my favourite characters. And yes, he’s Middle Earth’s version of a superhero. I mean… he has the endless quiver of destiny! Okay.. who else gasped in the Hobbit when he ran out of arrows. Never, once, in all the Ring movies, did the man ever run out. Fifty hits and he’s still got a full quiver. Which is why he’s a freaking superhero. Hell, if Hawkeye can be an Avenger, Legolas can be a superhero, too. Have you seen the man—prance. Or climb or float…because it’s sure as hell not walking. He’s magical. And he’s on my list.. and it’s my list so… I can have him on it if I want.

And now, I can’t seem to stop. I want to include Gandoff, every one of the Guardians of the Galaxy… Sam and Dean Winchester…but I’ll leave you with this. My top five. The ones that make me smile and swoon, just a bit.

Now check out the other ladies. See if any of our choices overlap, though I’m thinking, as usual, other than the first two—mine are out there.

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5 Replies to “It’s a bird, it’s a plane…”

  1. You have a totally awesome list!! I love Alice and Legolas. Oh and I was so totally surprised you put Keanu on your list . . .NOT! I think I would have put Neo instead, though, since I consider him kind of a superhero. Oh and yes, Sam & Dean, the Guardians, oh and Aragorn (Viggo, sigh). Good thing I wrote my post before reading yours.

  2. You ladies are so funny. Loved all your lists! Though I am a bit worried about you, Kris. You seem to fall on the darker side of things, but how fun! Good job. Thank you for sharing. It has been fun!

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