It’s random Wednesday time, and as it’s the start of the month, it’s another Favourite post. This month ~ Holidays. Now, I’ll be honest. When I was younger, I embraced pretty much every holiday. Pumpkins and decorations at Halloween. An Easter tree with tiny ornaments, plus chocolate egg hunt for Easter. Valentine’s Day cards. Pot of gold stuff for St. Patrick’s day…green beer! (Okay, maybe green ‘fruity’ drinks, but it’s the same…) You name it, I embraced it.

However…I’m not sure if it’s the fact most holidays are so commercial, or just not wanting to fall for the hype. Or just how expensive it’s all become, but holidays—they’ve digressed into mostly a week I get a break from lunches and school and extra activities. It’s sad, people. SAD!

However, there’s still one holiday I do still love and at least do some decorating. And I’m sure you’ve guessed it. Christmas. It’s the one holiday that’s retained it’s charm. That still feels special, though I think it’s far too commercial. More about getting the right present than being with family. But, I still have favourite things about Christmas…

Music — Who doesn’t love Christmas carols.

Hey, you tend to listen to what you grew up with… and it was Johnny Mathis and… the Carpenters.


A “cut-your-own- Christmas tree. And yes, we will search for hours if necessary. And outside lights, but on the trees and bushes. Not so much the house, though a bit is okay.


And all the Christmas movies…

And practically any other sappy one. Home Alone 2, Miracle on 49th Street. Hell, there’s probably a Dukes of Hazard Christmas special. I’ll watch damn near anything.

And yes, there’s the food, but that’s not really it for me. Now check out the other ladies. I’m sure they have lots of lovely faves and of more than just Christmas.

Bronwyn Green  |  Jessica De La Rosa  |  Kellie St. James

Gwendolyn Cease  |  Paige Prince




  1. The Grinch (only the animated one) is my very favorite Christmas movie. Oh, and Die Hard. That’s also a Christmas tradition around here. It’s not Christmas unless we watch Hans Gruber.

  2. Emmett Otter’s Jugband Christmas. Old time Jim Hensen. My husband can’t stand it but it’s a tradition between my friend and I. I do miss the real Christmas tree. Husband is allergic and no candle can really imitate the proper smell of a real tree.

  3. I agree with Bronwyn – it’s not Christmas without Hans Gruber. Nice movie selection. The Holiday is my current favorite Christmas movie. I love Jack Black in that one. And Jude Law (of course). 🙂

  4. I love the winter holiday!!! The music, the lights, the festivity. After Halloween it’s my fav. Along with Die Hard we also watch Lethal Weapon to add that extra holiday zing.

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