Lie Revealed

So, I just realized it’s Friday, which means time to reveal which one of the four things I mentioned on Wednesday was a lie. I know…you’re all dying from the anticipation. The sheer agony of not knowing. Of wondering how masterful I was…

Drum roll please…

Number 1 is the lie. While parts of it are true, I moved to Vancouver Island from TORONTO, Ontario, not Halifax. I have been to Halifax, Nova Scotia. It’s beautiful. I actually quite love Nova Scotia. One of the loveliest eastern provinces.

As for the others…yes I’m deathly allergic to wasps and carry an epi-pen while running and in my purse. Just in case. Which sucks, by the way, as I have very little control over whether one of the little buggers wants to sting me.

Yes, I did somehow mysteriously know about a plane crash that killed a dear family friend when I was young. Not something I’ll ever forget. And still unexplained.

And finally, yes, I am weapon licensed. I still don’t particularly like guns, but figured it was wise to know how to use them and be safe around them. And I have friends who love to go to the range, so…

That’s it for me. If you guessed correctly, I’ll contact you about your free ebook.

You might want to go and check around to the other ladies to see if you guessed right with them.

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