Song flash fiction ~ Rob Thomas

For the record, I love me some Rob Thomas. Solo. With Matchbox 20. I don’t care. The guy’s voice is just so damn good. But knowing the song doesn’t mean it’ll be easy to write something. But it was a nice surprise to recognize the title right off. Though I do like discovering new songs and artists, too.

Also… we have a new member playing along on all the flash fiction pieces. Waves at Siobhan. She’s great and you’ll love reading her short pieces.

Okay… here’s the song if you’re not familiar with it, and the resulting story. (PS… really Rob? This is a weird ass video, but… great song, just the same.)

I decided to continue on from the March’s Promptly Penned. You can read that one or just jump right in….. March Promptly Penned. I was away this weekend, and got home super late, so… this one is going to be short….


“Come on, Alex, it’s not that cold.”

Alex Fontain snagged Bailey’s elbow, stopping her from walking past him. “While I love the thought of skinny dipping with you, the water’s far too cold for even a quick dip. Unless you’d planned on including a bout of exposure to your to-do list for the weekend.”

She shrugged but didn’t pull away. “If you stay out, you can warm me up.”

He clenched his jaw at the thought. While he hadn’t seen Bailey for ten years, he sure as hell hadn’t stopped thinking about her. They’d been inseparable growing up—their shared love of adventure usually getting them into trouble. He hadn’t really noticed the sexy, beautiful woman she was maturing into, until just before he’d quit her father’s company. They’d been at a family function—like a thousand others they’d been forced to endure—but she’d shown up in a strapless, red dress that had taken his breath away. Made him look at her in a completely new light.

He sighed. Whatever he thought they might be able to have had quickly vanished when he’d finally taken a stand and walked out—joined the Marines then made his way onto JAG. While he didn’t regret his decision, he’d always wondered if he’d left the best part of him back home. If he’d ever find another woman like Bailey.

He hadn’t—a fact that was instantly apparent as soon as he’ spotted her across the room, trying hard to blend in. He’d spent an hour watching her—looking for her date, only to realize she’d come alone, just like him. A quick chat with Lizzie had confirmed his childhood best friend was still single. In fact, Lizzie had gone as far as to say Bailey hadn’t been involved since she’d had her bastard of an ex charged with assault.

He tamped down the anger just thinking about it. Thankfully—according to Lizzie—Bailey had had the strength to walk away after the first, and only, incident. Hadn’t fallen for the apologies and token promises. Not that Alex expected any less of her, but he wasn’t naive. He’d been involved in more than a few domestic violence cases with the service, and he knew leaving someone you loved wasn’t always the easiest road—even if it was the right one. Knowing Bailey had stood up for herself—had seen that the asshole was charged—made him extremely proud. He only wished she’d called him for help.

He sighed. He hadn’t so much as called her since he’d stormed out of her father’s office. It wasn’t any mystery why she’d chosen to face her issues alone.

He smiled, running his thumb along the inside of her arm. “If you freeze your adorable ass off, I won’t be able to let you drink anymore alcohol. Not when it will only lower your core temperature more.”

She arched a brow. “And here I thought you were a lawyer, not a medic.”

“Multifaceted, sweetheart.” He lifted the bag he’d managed to fill before they’d snuck away. “Which is it going to be?”

“Like that’s a choice. Obviously, the booze.”

He chuckled. “Good thing you’re not flying any time soon.”

“Three whole days off. In a row. Which means I can be plastered for two and a half. I’ll be sure to stop twelve hours before I’m due back.” She arched a brow. “Since when do you worry about how much I drink?”

“Since I realized you’re the only person here that I want to spend any time with. And I’d like you to remember at least some of it.”

Her expression changed as she swept her gaze the length of him before settling on his face. “How about I make you a deal? You stay at my side, like the old days, and I’ll stay sober. Won’t have another drink.”

“I thought you needed the alcohol to avoid bloodshed?”

She smiled in a way that made his chest tighten and his heart race. “Not if I have you.” She held out her hand. “So, do we have a deal?”

“I was thinking I’d counter-offer.”

“You’re a lawyer. Of course, you were.”

He tugged her closer, grinning at her sharp intake of breath as her body pressed up flush to his. “I’ll stay at your side, but I don’t want it to be like the old days—back before I realized there was a woman beneath the jeans and tee. In fact, I’d like to get very, very…” He leaned down, nearly brushing her mouth with his. “Very close.”

Bailey stared up at him, eyes wide, breath noticeably increased. Her lips quirked before she wet them. “Now, Counsellor, are you suggesting a weekend of no-strings attached, blow your mind, friends-with-benefits kind of arrangement? Because I could make that deal.”

He dipped in, nipping at her bottom lip then letting it go. “Actually, I was thinking of far more than just this weekend. And when it comes to you—strings are a given.”

A shiver worked through her, and he wasn’t sure if he’d unwittingly crossed a line she wasn’t prepared to step over just yet. She stared up at him, worrying the lip he’d snagged then sighed. “You’re looking for complicated, huh?”

“Anything worthwhile rarely comes easily.” He nuzzled her nose. “So?”

She eased out of his embrace, a wide smile on her face. “Complicated it is. Which means I’m definitely going to go for a dip. So I suggest you start stripping because once I get back, you’re going to have to use your body heat to save me. And I have a feeling that rescue is going to take all night.”


And that’s it for me. Go check out the other ladies… lots playing today.

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  1. I was so confused for a minute because when you mentioned JAG, I immediately we last week’s promptly penned, and I thought, well, she got over *that* fast. But then I got a clue – lol. Clearly, I need more caffeine before I start reading! Nice job with this!

    1. LOL. I guess I assume everyone knows what it is. I also wrote this last night at midnight, after a long ass weekend. I consider it being more than my name over and over a win, 🙂

  2. Love love love!! I hope there’s more to this. I’d like to see where they head. What their obstacles are. How they grow together as a couple. Hot Marines are always a bonus for me. 😉

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