The Best and Worst ~ POV

Hey, it’s time for another Wednesday Random post. Now, first off, sorry this is late. I’m in Vancouver and for some reason, the wi fi would not connect to my WordPress site last night. Tried a dozen times, so…this is late. It connected this morning…no idea what’s going on, but better late than never.

Okay, so the topic this week is the Best and Worse of POVs. Now, I believe it means what I consider the best and worst. And if you don’t know what POV is, it’s Point of View in terms of first, second or third person.


1 – Third Person Past ~ For me, I’m traditional. The old, he or she said is my favourite POV to both read and write. Maybe it’s because all the books I read growing up were like this (or at least the ones I can remember and enjoyed). Or it’s just a DNA thing, but given the opportunity to read a book that’s either third person or another type, I’ll choose third person. Now note, I said past tense. So it’s along these lines. He walked into the bar, fists clenched, heat burning his skin. NOT… He walks into the bar, heat burns his skin. (God, is that even right? It’s so alien to write I honestly don’t know, lol). Also, I like to have only the POV of the main characters. I don’t want to know what the barber is thinking… thanks but no thanks. I don’t want you to change every paragraph. One per chapter, or two if you’re doing a scene break but that’s it. And I do want to know what all the main characters are thinking, not just the guy or gal. So, if it’s a MF, I want the hero and the heroine. If it’s MM… give me both of those guys. If it’s a ménage, I’d like to know about all of them, too… doens’t have to be equal per se, but at least more than a chapter.

2 – First Person Past ~ I won’t completely shun first person…this is the I said or did something. It’s hugely popular. But, I feel a certain amount of disconnect with First Person. Now, done well, I can definitely get into a story and some of the ladies here write amazing first person past tense. An example of first person past… I looked in the mirror, hating what stared back at me. And like above, past tense not present. My main complaint with first person is that often, we only get to here what’s happening in the main character’s head. So, the author picks who the story is really about and we stay inside that person’s head the entire book. It’s good in that there isn’t any head hopping. But I really like getting inside both of the main characters. Some authors will provide alternating first person POVs in books. I do enjoy this.

But for me to embrace this POV, it has to be done well. I’m not sure I can describe what WELL is, just that I find it easy to be completely disconnected if the writing isn’t that great.



1 – First Person Present ~ This is a new trend, or maybe an old on that I just never read. But I can count on one hand the number of authors that I think can actually pull this POV off and have me enjoy it. I don’t know what it is. I just can’t get into a book written in First Person present. I think part of the issue is I spend a bunch of time switching it to past in my head, lol. And it just feels unnatural. So, if I read an excerpt and it’s first person present, I’m going to pass.

2 – Second Person anything ~ I don’t know if any books exist in complete second person… the you did this and that. I have seen authors slip into this POV in the midst of a third person scene… it happens. I don’t particularly enjoy it, and couldn’t fathom reading a book that way. Again, I don’t think they are out there, but if they are… nope, not for me.

3 – Third Person Present ~ As much as I love third person, make it all present tense for a book, and I won’t read it. I don’t mind blogs written that way. But for an actual novel… I’ll just quietly put that one down.

And that’s it for me. Again, sorry this is late, but it’s up. Now go check out the other two ladies joining in today.

Bronwyn  ~  Gwendolyn

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  1. Yeah, I’m not a big fan of present tense at all. Though, that said, there are some authors who are so skillful, that I get sucked right into the story anyway.

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