So you think having a Wordless Wednesday would be a grand idea. And in theory, it is. Except this month, the topic—MY PAST! I stare at those two words and think…dear god, what the hell am I supposed to post without words that relate or signify my past? That was before digital photos, so hello, I’d have to find stuff my parents took. And yeah, we’re not going there. NO ONE NEEDS TO SEE MY BAD PERM WHEN I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL.


But, I will prevail. So, here’s the thing. I’ll do some headers then post pics that relate to that. I can adapt, people. (especially since I’m already breaking the rules with words.) Hold on to your butts, here we go…

Growing up…

Toronto at Night—Harbour view


Nathan Phillips Square and City Hall


University of Toronto



Helicopter Pilot
911 Dispatcher



Movies and Music…


Don’t ask how many times I saw this movie. Just. Don’t.
Why? I have no answers.
Yes, I’ve probably seen ALL of them.
One of my Favourites of all time.

The originals…
Star Trek
As Genesis, too


I could go on and on with music and movies, but…check out the others. I’m sure they have some fascinating posts.

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10 Replies to “THERE ARE NO WORDS…”

  1. Tell me more, tell me more! Did you get very far? I love Grease! And I even went to see it when they rereleased it in the theatres. My aunt and uncle gave me the album for Christmas one year. LOL

  2. Lovely pics! But I must agree. I too want to see the perm. I must say though, you have some great taste in movies and music! 😉 Thank you for sharing.

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