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So, it’s another Randomness blog, and another Favourite things edition. Only, this month it’s— Favourite Websites. Now I’m going to be honest…I’m not sure i even understand what they mean. Is it favourite websites you like to visit? Ones you find visually pleasing? Ones I’ve built, lol. Yeah, pretty sure it’s not that last one. But hey, I can dream.

Also, I’m wondering how I’ll be judged. What if one of my favourite sites is…um…adult oriented. Is that politically correct? Of course, none will (I will take those to the grave, people). And really, I’m not sure I have a lot. Yes, I spend too much time on the internet, but not sure I have a bunch of favourite sites. I’m usually just surfing.

But in the spirit of the blog, here is a list of some of my favourite websites, in no particular order…

1 — Tumblr. And I’ll come clean. I like the naughtier side of Tumblr. Some of the beautiful images…hotter than the sun, folks.

2 — All Romance ebooks. I do enjoy this site. I often pick up books from here. And I’ll even just use it to look at cover art, especially in genres I don’t write.

3 — MEC. This stands for Mountain Equipment Co-op. It’s a Canadian Outfitting store and I buy most of my clothes from here. For running, riding, and just hanging out. I love their stuff and I love seeing what’s new. I have technical gear from here, too. Climbing gear, mountaineering gear…you name it.

4 — Beachbody. They have a great forum with tons of folks that answer fitness questions and groups to join to help motivate you if you need that. And I love their stuff, so…I still love this site.

5 — FaceBook/Twitter. Not sure this is a favourite by choice. It’s more a necessity. Honestly, I’m not a great doer of social media. I’m trying. So…I guess that counts.

6 —Amazon. I do look at this for lots of reasons. Again, it feels like a bit of a necessity, but… I do use it to look stuff up.

7 —Wiki. This has to be hands down one of the places I turn for research all the time. There are some great resources there and a place I go to for more books.

Now, I could mention, Pinterest. I enjoy it but I rarely go. Not sure why. There’s lots of shit on there but… And I know there are probably other places I go. I just can’t think of any. Honestly, I mostly want to look something up then google it. It’s that simple.

Now go check out the other ladies. And I swear if Jess Jarman put on Web MD…

Jessica Jarman |  Bronwyn Green  | Jessica De La Rosa

Gwendolyn Cease  |  Kellie St. James

5 Replies to “These are a few…”

  1. Of course I didn’t put WebMD…it’s not a FAVORITE because it tells me frequently how I’m dying. It’s no where near the favorite list. Now if the topic was websites most frequently visited or websites that push Jess over the edge of sanity then it would top that post.

  2. So,you’re either reading about hot people, checking out hot people, or going to websites to learn how to maintain being one of the “hot people.”

    Yeah….I got your number. :folds up paper and slides it over: And here is mine -wink-

  3. I had to give us Web MD cold turkey. Anytime I felt bad I would run out and put my symptoms in. Jeez louise, Dengue Fever, anyone??? Yeah, so no more for Gwen. I will confess though I went in the summer when I felt so bad and figured out I probably had pneumonia. Then I didn’t trust it since I’ve had Dengue Fever before. O_o

  4. Oh man, all the talk of Web MD made me remember one I use all the time. I use it to check drug interactions, side effects, etc. mostly for writing reports for work. :p

    And yeah, I decided to leave the porn sites off the list. LOL

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