Well, it’s been a while since I did a Wednesday post, other than promptly penned, but… I’ll try. So this week is all about LOVE. And I guess, particularly for you folks south of my border, you’re all feeling as if you need far more of that right now.


This is a few years old, and they would probably cringe to have me show it now, but I don’t have any newer ones handy, lol. So…


And that’s it for me. I’m not sure if I got the post right. I mean… I wish I could post unending images of kids and that special someone… except I only have the kids, lol. Now check out everyone else…

Bronwyn Green  |  Kellie St. James  |  Gwendolyn Cease

Paige Prince  |  Deelylah Mullin


  1. I absolutely love that you included Tim Horton’s. I didn’t do endless friends pics, either. Mostly because my friends pics are on my old computer that died, but also because I needed some funny stuff this week.

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