Hey all. It’s hump day and time for another blog. Trying to keep at it. Where does the time go? I’m always surprised when bam, it’s Tuesday again and I haven’t written the blog. And how is it already nearly the middle of August? I has the sad over that. I don’t want this summer to end. Endless sunshine, no school, fun times had by all….

Anyway, this week is our own version of the ever famous… you might be a redneck… Only we’re picking out own topics. And hell, I might as well go with something I’m familiar with…

You might be a Canadian if…

— You have a hockey stick in your car and use it for anything but hockey.

— You love eating beaver tails in the winter.

— You say it’s FRESH when it’s -20 degrees out, because that’s not cold yet.

— You think it’s warm when it’s 25 degrees.

— The cashier at Tim Horton’s knows your order before you do.

— You are constantly searching for Tim Hortons when you go abroad and wondering how they survive without it.

— You know they’re called Timbits, not doughnut holes.

— That the correct spelling of colour is with a U.

— You say sorry if someone bumps into you. Then apologize for saying it.

— You pronounce it SOREry, not sarry… And it’s PROgress, not pragress.

— You can name at least 10 Canadian bands just to prove we have some.

— You know the population of Canada because non-Canadians will ask and still be amazed we have less people in our entire country than just California.

— You answer seriously when someone asks you… hey, do you know Gordon? He’s from Canada, too.

— You’ve set something on fire in an attempt to curve a hockey stick.

— You feel SOREry when the Comedian isn’t funny.

— You know how much ‘gitch’ to pack before you’re ‘hooped’.

— You drive on a parkway and a highway, but not a freeway.

— You don’t drink beer under 6%. But then it’s not really beer, is it?

— You can spot a Canadian TV show from the first five seconds.

— You think plain ‘green’ money looks weird.

— The only thing better than maple and bacon is maple bacon.

— You can hum the Hockey Night in Canada anthem.

— You actually do say, eh. (I know Jarman, the UP says it too, but we invented it, damn it)

— Towns name streets after hockey players instead of actors.

— You call them hydro lines. And logging roads.

— The phrase Homo milk isn’t offensive.

— You have a large collection of Canadian Tire cash sitting in your junk drawer.

— You’re not allowed to have a loaded gun anywhere in your house or car. Ever.

— You’ve never taken any SATs…and know that College and University aren’t even remotely the same.

If that isn’t enough… watch this video. I freaking love it. Then check out the other ladies… eh.


Bronwyn Green  |  Kellie St. James  |  Gwendolyn Cease


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