A town with a notorious reputation…

Tombstone, Arizona has seen its share of gunfights. And, if McKenna Buchanan has her way, she’ll stop at nothing to add a few more to the ranks. She’s determined to right a wrong, and she won’t quit until she’s challenged every last member of the Wilson gang to a duel.

A secret buried deep…

Wolf shifters, Ethan McClaren and Jude Davenport, are on the hunt. As federal Marshals, they’re out to capture the vigilante gunning down outlaws across the wilds of the western states, so justice can be served. The last thing they expected was a woman with more honor than most men—who willingly risks her life to save theirs.

A claim that can’t be denied…

Falling in love with two lawmen never crossed McKenna’s mind—not with her name topping the most wanted list. And coming to their aid isn’t because she cares. She’s simply doing what’s right—preventing more bloodshed when she’s already seen a lifetime’s worth. The fact she’s drawn to Ethan and Jude as much as they seem to be to her is purely circumstantial. But she’s not the only one harboring secrets, and when the truth finally emerges, it’s going to take more than marshal law to settle the dust.




A name he doesn’t recognize.

U.S. Marshal Grant Winchester doesn’t exist. At least, Grant doesn’t remember the man he was. The life he left behind. All he knows is a constant hammering in his head, and a lust he can’t quite tame.

A connection he can’t deny.

Clinton McTavish knows Grant’s his mate. From the moment he finds the man—beaten and bloody—he feels a pull only a shifter recognizes. There’s just one problem. Grant’s not the only one. Clint’s wolf is also drawn to Emma—the railway camp’s newly acquired doctor. And there’s no denying the woman calls to him with the same fevered need.

A danger that lurks in the shadows.

Doctor Emma Cartwright doesn’t have a clue what attacked her newest patient and left him for dead. Or why the good marshal seems to heal faster than normal. All she knows is that since Clint dragged the man through her door, she can’t stop thinking about him. About them. The three of them. But Grant’s not quite what he seems, and she has a bad feeling that he’ll never truly be free until he reclaims the path he lost. And remembers a past she fears might be better left forgotten.




The hunt begins…

Charlotte “Charlie” Jones isn’t an ordinary wolf shifter. With the ability to ‘see’ a person’s spirit animal by the color of their scent, she’s got a distinct advantage. Especially when it comes to tracking. Only, the prey she’s after is far deadlier than any wolf.

Time is running out…

Marshals Roland Collins and Harrison Reilly are on a mission. They have three weeks to save Harrison’s brother, Weston, from a gang of outlaws before the next full moon rises, and the younger man transforms into a creature wrought from legend. There’s only one catch. Without Charlie’s aid, they’ll never find the trail. And just their luck, she’s more than a bit resistant. Especially when it becomes painfully obvious that she’s their mate.

More than she bargained for…

Charlie isn’t quite sure what to make of the men, or their claims. Not when their answers contradict everything she’s been taught and give her a glimpse of a future she never thought existed. But mating was never part of the plan, not with what she believes hides within her. She’s determined to fight the burning need, no matter the emotional and physical cost. Until they discover there’s much more at stake than Weston’s life, and if they don’t make one last stand before the coming full moon, their only future will be shaded in blood.




One shot, one kill. A sniper’s creed…only this time, he’s the one in the crosshairs.