Sometimes losing your clothes at the stroke of twelve is a wish come true.

Duncan couldn’t have predicted the night would turn from a mundane trip to the country bar, into a hot offer from a stunning lady. After making all the right moves, he follows his temptress back to her home, hoping she doesn’t suddenly change her mind. But when the door opens, and her sexy silhouette ghosts into view, he prays that tonight, his midnight desires will come true.



“Oh yeah, baby. That feels so good.”

Duncan stood beside the bed, naked except for the beads of sweat flushing his skin and the Stetson tilted off to one side. His muscles were strung tight, his thighs shaking, as his date slipped her warm lips around the smooth flesh of his cock, drawing it deep into her mouth. She had a way of relaxing her muscles and taking most of his length down her throat, before sliding back, licking his sensitive flesh as she retreated, keeping only his crown trapped in her velvet heat. It felt amazing.

“You like that, cowboy?” Her soft, honeyed voice swirling in the air around him like a fine mist.

He answered with a low growl, knowing the sound aroused her. He could smell her heat, see the moisture collecting along the soft curls covering her pussy. She knelt in front of him, her short blonde hair bobbing back and forth around her face as she moved along the length of his shaft. But she kept her knees wide, giving him more than a full view of her sex as she sucked his cock.

His head fell back on a moan as she took him deep again. He’d known the moment he’d spotted her at the bar—her golden hair framing her face, her lips a decadent shade of red—that she would be his prey. He’d saddled up beside her, absently bumping her arm as she’d reached for her drink, spilling most of it across the polished oak surface. He’d apologized and convinced her to allow him to buy her a new one. Then he’d plunked down on the seat next to her watching those ruby lips caress the edge of the glass, wishing they were caressing his skin instead.

She was beautiful. Not in a picture-perfect model sense but in a real-world kind of way that promised compassion and thrills all in the same breath. Her eyes were a delicate shade of blue, her skin porcelain white, and he could just make out the hint of freckles beneath a light dusting of make-up. She’d painted her fingernails the same daring shade of red, and he’d instantly pictured them wrapped around the deep bronze in his skin. A shiver had tingled down his spine, and he’d promised himself he’d find out before the night was through.

They’d talked for nearly an hour before he’d asked her dance. They’d twirled around the floor to a series of two-steps, then joined the crowd in a rowdy line dance. Finally, the DJ had slowed the music down, and Duncan had spun her into his arms, desperate to feel her body pressed against his. She’d smiled up at him, tracing her fingers along the nape of his neck as she’d rested her head on his shoulder, answering every sway of his hips with one even more erotic. His cock had paid full attention to each sexy movement as her jeans had brushed over his, the friction between the fabric sending shockwaves of desire to his already swollen shaft. Her smile had widened when she’d felt the evidence of his arousal press into the soft recess next to her hip, and she’d flashed him a look so full of sin and promise, he’d had to clench his jaw to keep from creaming his shorts.

She’d raised an eyebrow and pulled him closer as her fingers teased the sensitive spot at the base of his neck. “I don’t usually pick-up the first cowboy who knocks over my drink so he can buy me a new one, but you’re just about the sexiest hunk of male flesh I’ve ever laid eyes on, and I’d be a fool not to take a stray like you home with me.”

He’d tried to act nonchalant about it, shrugging his indifference, until her delicate fingers had traced a line down his back and over his hip, finally settling on his erection. All chances of keeping blood in his other head had vanished with the simple slide of her hand, and he’d willingly walking her out, helping her into her car before following her home in his truck. She’d parked in the garage, and he’d waited, a nervous sweat greasing his palms, to see if she’d open the front door for him, or change her mind and leave him standing in the late winter chill. 

A couple of minutes had passed before he’d heard the click of the deadbolt in the lock and watched as she’d opened the door, her silhouette ghosting into view amidst a sea of shadows. She’d smiled and held her finger to her lips, motioning him forward with nothing more than a nod. He’d followed her inside, neither speaking as she’d led him through the front room and toward the back of the house. He’d almost reached the adjoining hallway when he’d tripped over a small stool, slamming his chest into the wall. Her giggle had echoed through the room as she’d stepped forward and touched his hand. He’d cursed under his breath, but had kept going, hoping to hell he hadn’t just made a mistake. 

She’d led him into a large bedroom, the contents hidden in the scattering of shadows. He’d ignored the furniture, his gaze fixed on the vixen standing in the center of the room. She’d lost her jacket somewhere along the way and now stood in a tight red top and even tighter blue jeans. He’d traced his upper lip with his tongue as he’d imagined getting a taste of what hid beneath the simple layer of cloth.

Now he stood there, naked, hard, watching her run her lips up and down his shaft, licking each drop of pre-cum that leaked from the thin slit. “Are you wet, baby?”

She hummed her reply, the vibrations tingling through his shaft and up his spine. He moaned, loving the way she scratched her nails across his sac, layering another sensation on his already taut body. He’d been right. The red polish glimmering in the dull light from the moon flashed in deep contrast to his tanned flesh. He clenched his teeth as she swallowed with his shaft still deep in her throat, squeezing the head with incredible suction. He tensed, knowing it wouldn’t take much to push him over the edge.

“Look for yourself.” She bobbed his cock inside her mouth again. “I’m so wet, even your big cock won’t have any trouble sliding inside me.”

Duncan clenched his jaw. He loved hearing her talk dirty, using raw, hungry words, telling him to fuck her. And that was exactly what he needed to do tonight. 

He pushed out his breath, thrusting his cock into her mouth. She met each plunge, using her hand to hold his shaft level with her mouth. She scraped her teeth along the top of his hood, and his desire soared.

 “Enough.” He pulled back from her luscious mouth as his hat teetered and fell to the floor. He needed to quench his hunger in another way. “My turn.”

She smiled at him, rising from the floor. He didn’t give her time to kiss his open mouth, but turned her in his arms and lowered her onto the bed. She opened her legs the moment her ass touched the mattress, releasing a waft of warm arousal into the air. He groaned at the scent. He couldn’t wait to taste the cream beading her soft curls.

“You are wet.” He drew a finger through her silky folds. “Good thing I’m hungry.” He spread her legs farther apart, wanting to see every inch of her plump lips as his fingers disappeared into her tight sex. “Reach down and hold yourself open, so I can use my fingers for other pleasures.”

“You want me to touch myself?” But even as she posed the question, she slid her fingers down her stomach and between her lips, pulling them apart. 

“Are you kidding? Nothing is sexier than watching a woman caress her pussy while you lick it clean. It’s fucking hot.”

She moaned as he poked out his tongue and lapped at the cream coating her fingers. She tasted earthy, slightly sweet, and he hummed against her hand in approval. She arched up, raising her clit to his lips. Duncan took her invitation and flicked his tongue across her hard bud, grinning at the high-pitched cry that echoed from her lips. She was hot and needy, and he knew it wouldn’t take much to push her into an orgasm.

“Does that feel good?”

It wasn’t really a question, and her husky groan was all he got in reply. He lowered again, licking her bud, swirling the juice around with his tongue. She reached down and speared her free hand through his hair, pulling on it with enough force he felt a sting of pain scratch his scalp. He growled, enjoying the added sensation. Flashes of slight pain always made the pleasure hotter, and he wondered if she enjoyed the contrasts as much as he did.

He pulled back, moving his fingers to her dripping flesh. He gathered her cream on one hand while the other stroked over her knotted nerves, caressing it until she tilted her hips in desperation, her thighs shaking as she neared her climax.

“Not quite yet.” He moved his cream-covered fingers to the cleft of her ass. “I’ve got one more treat for you before you explode.” 

Her breath hissed into a moan as he sank two fingers inside her nether hole, stretching it until his palm cupped her ass. 

“Oh baby, you’re so hot and tight back here. I love feeling you clench around my fingers.”

“Duncan, please!”

“Tell me what you want.”

She wailed his name as he flicked his thumb over her clit while fucking her ass with his fingers, pushing through her muscles as she clamped against his intrusion. 

“Tell me!” 

She tugged on his hair. “I want you to make me come!” 

“Then what do you want me to do?”

She thrashed her head on the bed, wreathing beneath his caress. “I want you to fuck me!”


“Anywhere! Just do something!”

Duncan smiled at her submission and lowered his lips to her aching clit. He didn’t stop as she cried out above him, his tongue stroking over it, his teeth nipping at it. He thrust two fingers into her vagina while two more penetrated her ass. She was filled with him, and he loved it. 

“Now. Oh, God.”

Duncan suckled harder, wanting to catch every drop of honey that gushed around his fingers as she exploded in his mouth. Her back arched off the bed, her fingers locked in his hair, as her entire body quivered and shook, drenching his fingers, and sealing his others inside her ass. He could feel every pulse of her pussy, every quiver of her clit as she unravelled in his arms.

“I assume you approve of my actions.” He removed his fingers. “Or shall I try again?”

“Stop gloating and finish the job, or shall I finish you off?”

She started to sit up when Duncan pounced on top of her, pushing her back down. He needed to fuck her, not have her suck his cock again. 

“Roll over.” He didn’t want a gentle, romantic joining. He wanted something hot and hard, and taking her from behind was more along the lines he’d envisioned.

He lifted her hips, aligning her pussy for his invasion but couldn’t stop from tracing his finger between her cheeks one last time. He loved touching the tight little rosette and couldn’t deny himself the pleasure. He stopped at the puckered entrance, pushing just the tip of his finger inside her. She moaned out, sinking back against his finger, deepening the penetration.

He stilled, wondering if she wanted him to take her there. “You want that, baby?”

“Oh God, yes.”

His cock jerked against his stomach. He’d had anal sex before, but it was never a given, and each time he got to sink his cock into that hot forbidden opening still took his breath away. “Lube?”

She pointed at the night stand and her reached for the drawer, removing a tube of lubrication. His fingers fumbled with the cap, dropping it on the floor in his haste to squeeze a large line of gel down his shaft. His cock flared in his hand as he rubbed the slick fluid around, ensuring every inch was covered. He fought for control as he lined the pulsing crown up with her ass, probing the opening with a gentle thrust. She moaned and eased back, sinking two more inches inside. 

He followed her lead, allowing the rest of his shaft to tunnel into her ass, filling it to the hilt. “Christ.”

She breathed his name, stilling as he began his own series of strokes, driving into her ass then retreating, leaving only the tip encased in her tight ring of muscles. Every stroke bowed her back, every flare of his penis drew a strangled moan from her lips. 

He groaned, pumping her faster, feeling her muscles clamp around his invading shaft. “I can’t wait much longer.”

“For God’s sake, fuck me!”

Her words bypassed his head and went straight to his cock. He curled his fingers tighter around her hips, tilting them down as he pulled back, his crown ringing her ass.

“As you wish.” He pushed hard inside her, tunneling so deep his sac slapped against the lips of her vagina. But he didn’t stop this time. Once he felt his balls lock against her pussy he pulled back, plunging forward again with even more force. 

He moved faster, taking her deeper, harder. His release tingled along his spine, spiking fire through his veins. His muscles bunched and flexed, his thighs trembled in anticipation as every thrust brought him closer to his climax. 


She screamed his name, the walls of her ass cinching around him, holding him in place. She thrashed beneath him, her head thrown back, her eyes squeezed shut. Duncan was certain he could feel the fire erupting inside her, blazing a path straight to his cock. He clenched his teeth, pushing his shaft slightly deeper when his body exploded, and he came in long, hot jets. 

“Damnation!” He closed his eyes, dazed by the streaks of white light pulsing in the darkness. His body jerked against hers, spilling more of his seed inside her ass as the world faded into arcs of pleasure, the edges tinged in purples and reds. His body began drifting and only one name stay poised on his tongue.


Duncan stilled. His eyes flew open, his body tensed. Had he spoken her name, or just thought it? He looked down at the woman sagged beneath him, her hair shielding her eyes. Her body was covered in sweat, tremors still washing through her. She looked sexy and sweet, but he wasn’t sure if he’d remembered the name she’d wanted him to call her. 

He cursed under his breath, pulling his weakening erection from her body. She moaned as he popped free of her ass but settled back against the bed. 

He forced a smile and bent down over her. “I’ll be right back with a cloth, baby. Just rest.”

He fumbled his way over to the bathroom, hoping to hell he hadn’t just ruined a month’s worth of planning with a simple slip of the tongue. He always used his real name, never able to get used to her calling him something else, but he knew she liked to immerse herself in the role…become someone totally different. 

Like he needed different. 

But if it made her feel sexy and confident, he’d wear a damn kilt for her and parade around with his balls swinging in the breeze.

A husky laugh bubbled in his chest, but he suppressed it. He couldn’t deny his life had gotten a whole lot hotter since they’d started playing games, and he wasn’t one to complain.

He padded back to the bed, loving how she smiled at him as the mattress dipped against his weight. “Here, baby.”

“You know, if you remembered my name, you wouldn’t have to call me baby.”

He shrugged. “If you’d pick names I could remember, or that even suited you, I’d have a better chance.”

Isabel smiled and shook her head, brushing his shaft with the damp towel as she watched him from beneath a veil of lashes. “Just because you can’t be creative doesn’t mean that I suffer the same affliction.” She tossed the cloth onto the side table, caressing his jaw with the tips of her fingers. “But since it way my name you whispered, you’re forgiven.”

Duncan smiled as he followed her down on the bed, his body covering hers. “I don’t suppose you’re up for another go ’round?” He smoothed one hand down her stomach and across her mound, easing a single finger into her wet heat. “One a little less…primitive?”

“It’s pretty late. Are you sure you’re…up for it?”

Duncan pressed his hardening erection into her stomach, grinning as her eyes closed on a sigh and her head tilted back into the pillow. 

“I’ll take that as a yes,” he said, moving over her as his shaft edged her sex, teasing it with a hint of penetration. 

Isabel opened for him, welcoming him into her, breathing out his name as he slowly inched inside, pressing steadily forward until he was fully seated. He stared down at her, tracing the fullness of her lower lip with his mouth, capturing her murmur of pleasure as his lips met hers, and his tongue danced inside. She tasted like cocoanut and cream, and he dipped in again when she broke the kiss.

He loved her slowly this time. Strong steady strokes that left him breathless as a new fire sizzled to life, spreading through him in an all-consuming wave. He watched her face, drawn to the array of emotions washing across her expression. The way she snagged her lower lip with her teeth as her orgasm neared. Or how her eyelids fluttered shut as each thrust seated him just slightly deeper.

“Now, darling. Oh, God.”

Duncan moved faster, watching her fall off the edge a moment before the rhythmic pulses of her pussy carried him with her, purging his release from his cock in spasmodic spurts, jerking his hips against hers. Her name lit the air as he followed her down on the bed, curling her sated body into his with a strong pull of his arm. Her breath feathered against his chest as her contented sigh whispered in his ear. 

“Damn, that was hot.” He wanted to recap every detail, but her breath was already deepening.

She snuggled closer, burrowing her curves into him. “Liquid fire.”

He smiled and brushed a soothing hand along her hair and down the sensual curve of her back. “So what have you got in mind for next month?”

She lifted her head enough to flash him a sinful smile. “Let’s just say it involves a brass pole and a whole lot of scarves.”

Desire punched through his stomach, making the bedroom spin. “Have I told you how much I love you, Isabel?”

“Not nearly enough. But after indulging in my game, you’re forgiven.”

Duncan smiled, pulling her tight against him, feeling her heart beat with his. Whoever said married couples had boring sex hadn’t spent a day…or a night…in his bed.