Mira has only five days to lose her virginity, or face certain death…and only one man is up for the job.

Shunned by her Kingdom because she’s been given the gift of healing over fire, Mira anxiously awaits her freedom. All she has to do is complete her Rite of Passage and pass the auspicious Ritual of Sisterhood. There’s just one catch. If she doesn’t lose her virginity before the Ritual begins, she’ll die. And just her luck, none of the Kingdom’s tutors will touch her.

Hoping to ensure failure, Mira’s been given a tutor with a curse of his own. Hailing from Garinth, Keegan’s plagued with a serious problem. His body only reacts to women who possess certain qualities. So when he wakes to find himself imprisoned in a Kingdom ruled by witches, he can’t imagine how any of them measure up. But then, he never counted on Mira, or the way his body comes to life, filling his head with delicious images of seduction.

He’d love nothing more than to tame this pretty little witch, but can he claim her before their time runs out?

“Sweet Heavens,” rasped Keegan, watching a pale blue hue surround Mira’s body and float over the man on the floor, graining strength as it travelled along his body. Her hair bellowed and flowed backwards, waving in the still air. Keegan took a step forward unable to look away, as the servant’s skin began to shift, flowing from one from into another until only a layer of pale pink remained.

“Was she born with this…this…gift?”

“I suppose,” sneered Tiana. “Unfortunately, we discovered her talent a little too late.”

“You don’t approve of her being a healer?”

Tiana glared at him and raised her hand, a new ball of red flame flickering on her palm.

Keegan scowled but turned away, ignoring the woman’s glare, as he watched Mira work her magic. By the Gods, she was beautiful. The way her pale skin shimmered beneath the blue light. Her muscles contracted as she moved her hands, weaving the man’s body back together with her mind. And beneath her shift, sweet Heavens, nothing hid her silhouette as she swayed from side to side, as if listening to the rhythm of a distant song. Her breasts were firm, the nipples pressed tightly against the material, the pink hue just detectable beneath the thin fabric. But between her legs. He stifled a moan, unable to tear his gaze from the soft curls of her sex peeking out at him from between her thighs.

Keegan licked his lips, willing his cock to stand down. He didn’t want Tiana to see his arousal, sensing the knowledge would only anger the woman further. Instead, he concentrated on Mira. Watching as her fingers swept along the man’s skin, leaving pale, pink swirls where the burns had once scarred the surface. She worked slowly, tediously, never stopping to rest, as the minutes drifted into an hour. It wasn’t until every mark had been erased that she leant back, exhaustion hunching her shoulders. She was still watching the last wisps of blue fade from the servants skin when the man bolted awake, turning on her with a savage snarl. She tried to move, but the servant howled and struck her, scrabbling to his feet as she fell backwards.

Keegan moved before the man gained his balance, throwing him back against the wall, trapping his throat beneath one chiselled forearm.

“The lady just saved your life, knave. I suggest you show her the respect she deserves.”

The servant spat on Keegan’s chest, fighting to free himself. “I’d rather die than have that vile witch touch me.”

Keegan pressed harder, watching the man’s eyes bulge wide. “That can be arranged, friend.”

The servant whimpered just as a harsh hiss echoed behind Keegan’s back. He didn’t need to turn around to know Tiana was behind him, another ball of flames dancing in her hand.

“Release him, Garinthian, or I won’t leave anything alive for Mira to heal this time.”

Keegan looked back at her over his shoulder. He snarled and pushed harder when Mira’s voice broke the tension.

“Touch him, Tiana, and you’ll be my next target.”

She was standing beside the bed, her body trembling. Dark circles rimmed her pretty eyes, and beads of sweat creased her forehead. She looked ready to collapse, but held her ground, her blue aura shimmering back to life when the fire in Tiana’s hand swelled.

Tiana cursed and stepped forward, launching the ball at her sister. Keegan tensed as the fire flew towards Mira’s head, only to burst into thousands of splintered sparks, as Mira countered her sister’s attack, sending a single blue stream of light out from her hands. Tiana gasped when the light sliced across her arm, leaving a small, red welt in its wake. She turned back to Mira, sizing her sister up, before stepping back as the flames flickered and died, a small hiss whispering across the room.

Tiana laughed as she crossed her arms on her breasts. “Have it your way. But he’s hardly worth saving…again. Especially since he won’t be able to return the favour.” She laughed again. “Guess I’m going to have to find someone else to heal my pets.”

Keegan released the man, shoving him towards the waiting warriors. The women grabbed him and pushed him out, mumbling something about a punishment. Keegan glanced over at Mira. She looked ready to faint. He took a step towards her, but stopped when she held up her hand.

“Don’t,” she snapped. “I don’t want your help…or your pity.” She extinguished the blue light and fell on the bed, crawling over to the far side.

“I wasn’t going to give you my pity,” he replied, stalking to the bed. “I merely wanted to get you a cloth. Your face is bleeding.”

Mira just shrugged and closed her eyes. “Doesn’t matter.”

“Does the red in your crystal matter?” he challenged.

“It means I’m still a virgin,” she rasped, not opening her eyes. “I can’t leave the palace or take my place as a warrior until it’s blue. That’s what the Rite of Passage and Ritual are all about.”

“And if it’s still red when the Ritual begins?”

“Then instead of a celebration the Queen will have one of her servants fuck me in a public display to prove my allegiance to the Kingdom…and give me my freedom.”

Keegan stepped back, remembering the instructions Vestna’s soldiers had beaten into him. “But they said taking you without preparing you first will kill you.”

Mira opened one eye long enough to meet his gaze. “That’s what they’re counting on,” she said, and then she was out.

Keegan shook his head and watched her sleep, her tears joining the blood on her cheek. It was then he realised how wrong he’d been. How harshly he’d judged her. He’d never stopped to wonder why his wounds had healed so fast. But now he understood the truth. She’d healed him. That’s why she’d been huddled on the floor. She hadn’t gone to sleep beside him, hoping to fuck him the moment he woke. She’d fainted after saving his life.

He sighed and palmed his head in his hands. He’d have to find a way to make it up to her. One that would save them both.