A power she can’t control…

Fallon Kindade is cursed. There’s no other explanation. Just when she thought she’d buried her past to the point it couldn’t be resurrected an eerie voice beckons to her, pulling her back into the nightmare she’s survived twice before. And despite the excuses she makes, Fallon can’t deny the truth. The visions have returned. And they’re more intimate than ever before.

A love he can’t forget…

He’s a fool. Not only is Special Agent Gil Grant unable to catch a break on his newest case, he’s stuck fantasizing about a woman he pushed away. All because of one fatal mistake. A moment he can’t undo. But after leaving Fallon with nothing more than a few words scribbled across a piece of paper, he’s got little chance of ever winning her back.

A slow descent into darkness…

When a twist in fate reunites them, Fallon is powerless against the undeniable heat that still simmers between them. She knows becoming lovers, again, is more than dangerous, especially when her visions are their only hope at finding a killer before he strikes again. But can she trust Gil with the truth, knowing it might be what finally destroys their chance at happiness? Or will the city’s newest serial killer claim her as his final victim?

Gil pulled into the gravel lot, eyeing the red Jeep parked beside a stand of trees. This hadn’t been his first stop, but it also hadn’t been as hard as he’d hoped to find her. Seems she hadn’t made that many changes in her life since he’d left, which made him wonder if Wade had been right. Was Fallon still in love with him as much as he was with her?

He shook his head, stepping out into the cool air. He’d hurt her too badly to expect she felt anything other than revulsion for him. He was sure she’d only been polite at the station, not wanting to embarrass him in front of Wade. So did that mean she was seeing someone new? He cursed the thought, trying not to picture another man spreading her thighs wide, watching her pretty pink lips quiver as he drew his finger along her crease, tasting her sweet cream.

“Fuck!” He’d always been a possessive lover, never wanting her to so much as hug another man, and it seemed surreal to him that their last time together had been shared with Charlie. But then Charlie had been special. He’d owed the man his life, and it’d seemed the only action fitting of the sacrifice Charlie had made for him.

Gil sighed as he wove his way up the trail, watching for signs of Fallon’s bike. He wouldn’t put it past her to run him down if he gave her the chance, and was relieved when he made it to a large clearing without having to dodge into the bushes. He looked around, wondering where she was, when he saw a flash of her through the trees on the ridge off to his left. He’d been on that trail before, and remembered how close to the edge it came as it rounded the bend, allowing anyone in the clearing a clear view. His blood pressure soared as he watched her race down the path, veering right and left as if the bike were part of her body. She’d always been good, but this display was nothing less than stunning.

“Okay, baby, you did good. Now stop and walk it down the drop.” He smiled at her skill, expecting her to pull the bike up, but felt his heart stop dead when she took the jump at full speed, flying through the air until she landed several feet down the trail. He saw the bike wobble and shift, brushing her against a large tree before she swerved and skidded to a halt.

“Jesus Christ, Fallon! You could’ve killed yourself!” He was yelling at no one, but he didn’t care. He watched as she surveyed her accomplishment before heading back into the trees. He shook his head, trying to calm the shaky rhythm of his heart. “You’ll pay for that, sweetheart,” he promised, imagining a proper punishment for taking ten years off his life. Then a smile found his lips and he darted into the brush before Fallon barrelled into the clearing.

Gil pressed his back against a tree, watching Fallon as she tossed her gear on the ground, stretching her arms up. Damn, he loved when she did that. The way the motion jiggled her breasts, making her nipples arch higher on her chest. He could almost taste the sweet fruity perfection of her skin, mixed with a hint of salty sweat. Even that turned him on. It reminded him of all the times she’d collapsed on top of him after fucking him for over an hour. Her body would be hot and slick, the smell of sex and sweat lingering on her skin. God, it’d been paradise.

“A sacrifice I’m sure.”

Her voice drifted along the breeze as she threw her helmet on the ground and shrugged her CamelBak off her shoulders. He smiled. She was pissed, and that made his plan even easier. He snuck out, keeping his body low as he moved towards her. She was huffing out her breath and running her fingers through her hair. She never once looked over her back as he straightened up behind her.

“As long as I’m not the only one who suffers,” she began, but her voice shuddered into a gasp as Gil grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her to the ground. He did his best to cushion her fall, rolling his body on top of hers. But he hadn’t even caught her gaze before she bucked her hips underneath him and threw him over her shoulder. His back hit the hard dirt a moment before she pounced on top of him, holding a small Swiss army knife to his throat. He watched as her eyes went wide, and her grip weakened.

“Gil?” was all she got out before he broke her hold and rolled her over, pinning her beneath his heavy body. She cursed as her shoulders hit the ground, knocking her breath out in a loud huff. She growled at him and immediately raised her hips again, but Gil was ready this time, and shifted his weight, locking her in place. She fought against his hold for a few minutes, trying every technique he’d taught her before finally stilling beneath him, her chest rising sharply against his.

“Fine, Gil. You win. Now get off of me.”

Gil smiled at the reluctant tone of her voice. She hated admitting defeat and had injected just enough anger into her voice to make him think she was serious.

“Are you conceding I’m the more skilled warrior?” he asked, knowing the question would boil her blood.

Fallon grunted, giving one more attempt to best him, before snorting out her breath. “You only won because I let my guard down when I realised it was you. Don’t think for a moment I would’ve done that with anyone else.”

“A true warrior knows how to take advantage of any mistake,” he noted.

Another irritated sigh rumbled through her chest as she stared up at him. “Fine. You’re the better warrior. Now can you get off me?”

Gil shook his head, lowering his body closer to hers. His smile widened when he felt her breathing hitch and her nipples harden against his chest. “Not yet, sweetheart. First I want to know what in the hell made you try a stunt like that?”

Fallon fought for breath as she stared up at him, her eyes already darkening. He knew she could feel his cock hardening even further against her stomach, and he didn’t try to hide his amusement at her reaction. “What are you talking about? What stunt?”

He rubbed her cock across her stomach, revelling in the breathy whimper that escaped her lips before she could pull them into a tight line. “That jump back there. What in the hell made you think it was a good idea to try it?” He lowered even further, keeping her arms pinned above her head. “You scared ten years off my life, darling.”

Fallon watched him for several moments, her tongue moistening her lips in a slow sweep across her mouth. He groaned, wishing she’d do that to his lips. “I’ve been practicing. And in case you didn’t notice, I landed it perfectly.”

Gil growled and shifted both her hands into one of his before pulling down on the neckline of her shirt until the upper part of her right shoulder was exposed. Even in the dull light the cuts made on her skin by the bark of the tree she’d nearly collided with were visible. “And what to you call those?” he asked, raising his eyebrow in challenge.

Fallon smiled at him, a wicked gleam in her eyes. “Love bites,” she whispered, grinding her hips against his erection. He couldn’t stop a groan from tearing from his chest. Her smile widened. “Are we finished now, Gil?”

Gil stared down at her, unable to look away. Her eyes were almost black now, just a hint of the blue rimming the edges. He could feel her body warming against his and he knew the sweet scent starting to mingle with the breeze was the proof of her arousal. She wanted him. He just needed to show her how much.

He bent down, brushing his lips across hers, catching the startled gasp that purged from her lips. “Finished?” He looked down between their bodies, noting how closely she pressed herself against him, before catching her gaze once again. “Darling, we haven’t even started yet.”