A picture’s worth a 1000 words—February

 It’s flash fiction Monday again and the ladies have chosen a lovely image of a picturesque home by a river in what could be fall, winter or even late spring, lol.

After some debating, I’ve decided to continue my previous picture flash fiction. You can find that one here…. Part 1—Kris’ picture fiction.

But despair not, you don’t have to have read that first short bit. Each one will be fine if read all by its lonesome. So, without further ado… here is part 2…


“What if she doesn’t think it’s romantic?” Graeme James stared at his buddy, Ryan’s, reflection in the mirror as Graeme ran his fingers through his wet hair. Fuck, he should have gotten a damn haircut. Instead, the strands fell in a tousled mess about his head, slightly longer than he usually wore.

Ryan scrubbed his hands down his face, shaking his head. “For the last time—Bailey’s going to think you’re a god damn wizard.”

“Or…she’s going to think I’m a perverted son of a bitch who can’t think past getting in her pants.”

“Graeme. Bro. Everyone knows that’s your end game. It’s everyone’s fucking end game. And it’s not like this is your first date. You two have been going out, what…three times a week…for nearly a month.” He leaned against the wall. “Any other guy would have made a move by now.”

“Why does not trying to take her to bed make me odd?”

“It doesn’t. It makes you a nice, respectable guy. Which is why she won’t see you as a perverted son of a bitch for going somewhere romantic. Trust me. Taking her to the cottage…it’s brilliant.”

Graeme let his head fall forward, staring at the drops of water slowly sliding down the sink. He couldn’t remember feeling this off-kilter around a girl before. The way his heart sped up, his pulse echoing inside his head. Or how his stomach got all fluttery, and he couldn’t tell whether he was excited or about to empty his stomach. Christ, kissing her, touching her—he’d never worried before whether he’d measure up.

Ryan’s hand landed on his shoulder. “Stop over-thinking this. I know you’re crazy about her.” He laughed. “Everyone knows you’re crazy about her. Take her to the cottage. Have a couple of days alone together, and if you end up in bed…” He shrugged.

“I just don’t want to fuck this up.” He glanced up at Ryan’s snort. “You know what I mean, jackass. Bailey…she’s special.”

Graeme flipped off his friend when the man turned, enthusiastically air-humping the wall. He headed out of the washroom, grabbed his keys, bag and jacket off the chair by the door then ventured outside. While Ryan was without question his best friend, the man didn’t know how to be serious. Ever. Of course, if it hadn’t been for him, and that stupid English Lit assignment they’d bet on, Graeme never would have asked Bailey out.

He smiled, going over every detail of the weekend as he drove to the apartment she shared with her twin brother—an annoying fact that made getting intimate far more complicated. There was just something unnerving about knowing her sibling was only a wall away. That and the fact Graeme didn’t want to rush things. Didn’t want her to think sex was the only reason he’d asked her out.

He pulled up to the curb, texting her he was outside. A swirl of snow breezed across the windshield, the glare of the setting sun glinting off the fractal ice patterns on the glass. A shiver of excitement wove along his spine, leaving a rash of goose bumps across his skin. Who was he kidding? He hadn’t taken things slow because he was worried she’d peg him as a player—he’d taken them slow because he liked her. And he had a bad feeling that once they became lovers, he’d never be able to go back to being the guy he was before. That she’d change him without even trying. Hell, he’d change regardless.

A tap on the passenger window startled him from his thoughts, and he glanced over, smiling as Bailey waved at him. He jumped out, grabbing her bag before stowing in the trunk beside his. She was already seated when he slid behind the wheel again, pulling into the evening traffic.

Green eyes watched him, her thick auburn hair hanging in gentle waves around her face. The woman was far too stunning, and his heart skipped a beat when her mouth curved into a radiant smile.

She stared out the window for a moment then settled her gaze on him again. “So…you going to tell me where we’re going, or is it still a big secret?”

He grinned at the slight annoyance in her voice. She’d told him more than once she wasn’t a fan of surprises, which made this all the sweeter.

He shrugged. “Somewhere…secluded.”

Her eyebrow kicked up. “Is this your subtle way of telling me my brother is a buzzkill?”

“Let’s just say hearing him hump the flavour of the week through your bedroom wall isn’t exactly my idea of a romantic atmosphere. Besides, it’s been a tough month—stress with school, part-time jobs. I thought we could both use a weekend without cell phones and annoying roommates.”

“You didn’t tell me not to bring my phone.”

“Didn’t have to. Service is going to be spotty at best.” He glanced over at her. “Worried?”

She laughed in a way that warmed the interior of the car. “Please. My dad’s a detective. There’s no way the man hasn’t already done a thorough background check on you.” She twisted in her seat. “Seeing as he hasn’t had you arrested or placed an armed guard by my side suggests you’re trustworthy. Besides, I’m a pretty good judge of character.”

“Is that so? And after a month of dating, what does your spider sense tell you about me?”

She shuffled closer, placing a hand on his thigh as she brushed her fingers slowly up and down the denim, skirting dangerously close to where his damn cock pushed against the fabric. “That you’re not like other guys I’ve met. Dated. You’re…special.”

He forced himself to swallow past the lump in his throat, simply nodding as he turned onto the highway. He did his best to ignore the searing heat of her fingers against his leg, the rhythmic movement slowly driving him mad. Desire burned just beneath his skin, threatening to unhinge his control.

Bailey seemed oblivious to her affect on him, carrying on idle conversation as they headed north, leaving the city behind them. Dark mauves lined the horizon, a gathering of clouds reflecting various tones of red. Her voice echoed around him, the lilting quality to it holding him captive. It wasn’t until he pulled off the highway an hour later that she bothered to look outside the vehicle. Snow-ladden evergreens and barren branches filled the landscape, the first twinkling stars shining in the night sky.

She arched a brow as he turned onto an old gravel road, bouncing the car up a long laneway. A warm glow beckoned in front of them, the light from the old cottage gleaming in the darkness. He stopped a couple of hundred yards off where the road turned into snowy grass, a lazy river sparkling in the rising moonlight.

Bailey stared at the house, mouth gaped open, eyes widened. She glanced over at him several times before she shook her head, looking at him as if he’d given her something far more precious. “This is my surprise? Our secluded getaway?”

“On our second date, you told me that if you could live anywhere, it’d be in a rustic English cottage somewhere on the moors. I can’t quite manage a trip to England, but I thought maybe this would give you a taste of that dream.”

Her chin quivered before she leaned over, slanting her mouth over hers. Warm, sweet woman filled his senses as her tongue danced along his, her fingers cupping his jaw. He hummed against her lips, threading his hand through her hair, tilting her head back to deepen the kiss. Her eyelids fluttered when he finally released her, nothing but brilliant green filling his field of vision. Raspy breath raked across his face, her chest heaving against his.

He smiled. “Does that mean you like it?”

“Like it?” She swallowed thickly. “Graeme…this…you…” She thumbed his cheek. “Is this your parents’ place?”

“Na. It belongs to my annoying roommate. His grandparents left it to him a couple of years ago. He comes here every now and then to recharge. He let me borrow it for the weekend.”

“Ryan? Ryan Baxter? The same Ryan who had a bet to see how many Cheerios he could stuff in his mouth at once, Ryan?”

“He’s…unique.” Graeme drew his fingers down through her hair. “We came up yesterday. Fully stocked it. All it needs now is you.”

“Us.” She glanced at the cottage, a devilish smile capturing her lips. “Is there running water? Electricity?”

“Yes, and yes. A generator, but sometimes it breaks down. But there’s a fireplace and more candles than inside that new age store. I just hope you don’t think that I brought you here simply to …” He gestured at her.

“What? Get laid?” She laughed again, twisting away as she grabbed the handle. “No. I have no doubt that you never assumed that.” She opened the door, stepping into the growing darkness before sticking her head back in. “But for the record, it’s a toss up as to whether we make it inside, or I take advantage of you in the front seat of your car.” She shivered as a gust of wind sprinkled snow across her face. “Definitely inside. Last one in has to make the fire—naked.”

She took off, her feet kicking up tiny snowballs as she dashed along the winding path, heading for the front door. Graeme jumped out, taking a moment to watch the simple beauty of her before closing the door and sprinting after her. He just wasn’t sure if he wanted to catch her or not.


And that, is where I’ll end this. Mostly because, damn, it’s becoming a damn novel, lol. Please check out the other ladies and see what the picture inspired with them. Until next month…

Jessica Jarman  |  Bronwyn Green  |  Kellie St. James  |  Kayleigh Jones

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  1. The story continues! For some reason, in the first one, I’d thought they were high school students rather than college students. But I like this! Will there be more next month?

  2. Oh Kel… this is a family event, lol. And honestly, I could have kept going but there would have been multiple chapters. I just don’t seem to know when to stop.

    And to answer your question, Bron, there will be at least one more…who knows? Maybe it’ll be Graeme and Bailey and Ryan all year. I simply haven’t made up my mind, lol.

  3. So happy to see Graeme and Ryan again, that you continued with these guys. Hope to see more of them.

    Very well done. Super freaking sweet with an edge of hot, hot, hot.

    Good work, baby.

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