My kingdom for a horse

Okay, so maybe it’s not a horse I’m after, though I’d certainly take one. Can I have the knight that goes with it, too? Please? Come on, work with me. I deserve a knight. I really do. Anyway, this week’s topic…my ideal writing space versus the cold hard bite of reality.

Of course, the other ladies are going to flood their pages with beautiful images. I’ll be lucky to find one, sigh. I honestly don’t know where they did them up—how they find just the right pic. But, oh well.

So, my ideal writing space.

Yes, let’s start with the positive. The fantasy because I can assure you it far exceeds reality. My ideal writing space would be, above all else, private. Quite and comfortable. Because I spend a lot of time—far more than I should ever admit to—immersed in my work. Loving what I do certainly helps, but yeah…I sometimes have trouble stopping. There’s always one more page, one more chapter—one more book—to write. So here are things I’d love to have in my space.

The ultimate writing chair. I would love this. Love, love, love it with the perfect ottoman.

But if that proved to be impractical, then this… yeah… with a new Mac Air… because it’s so awesome to work on.

I’d also have a mini fridge, so I didn’t have to get up to grab a cold one (I’m talking diet coke… sheesh) and my Keurig close by for tea emergencies.

This is what the space would look like.

Now, I might have some glass put overtop.. it rains a lot here, lol. But yeah… a reading/writing nook would be awesome. And do you see the kids in this photo… that’s the point. There isn’t any. I love my kids but damn…a place that’s private. That would be awesome.

Or this.. just sub in the chair for the bed, lol.



The sad thing is… this is all I’d really need. A comfy chair, a good laptop and a quiet, private space.

Okay…so the cold bite of reality. I either have to write in my room (if the kids are watching TV) or I sometimes get to be out in the living room. I also have a space in the kitchen I do some work. So the reality here is… I don’t have a dedicated space. I work wherever there’s room or limited noise. Some days, that doesn’t exist in my house.

Go check out the ladies. I’m sure they have some magnificent ideas.

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7 Replies to “My kingdom for a horse”

  1. Ah yes another writing nomad, but at least we can write wherever we find ourselves. I love your ideal spaces. They’re cozy and quiet. Love quiet.

  2. I’m on the same page as Jess. I’d drool over all those places…while napping. I mean look at the fourth picture down. Do you see the size of those pillows! I’d make a fort. And nap in it!

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