Another year over…a new one just begun.

New years. A time of reflection, or making changes. And let’s not forget the dreaded resolutions. And it seems with every new year, there are so many resolutions that could be made. Things you want to change. Hell, I have a laundry list of things I’d love to be different. In fact, in 2015, I can honestly say I took positive steps forward. Made the kind of changes I thought would last. Some did, but most… let’s just say that as October rolled in, all those good intentions, those positive steps seemed to falter.

But dwelling on the past, on faltering—that doesn’t help. Actually, it hinders those positive steps forward. So… let’s just say that there were some successes in 2015, and I plan on carrying forward on those. And making more. Which brings me to the topic… goals for 2016.

I like that. Goals instead of resolutions. Because goals you strive towards. Where the journey’s just as important as the destination. Where each step is part of the success. And, now, I sound like a damn fortune cookie. So… goals for 2016.

First, writing.

While I’d love to say my goal is to write a book a month… that’s a pretty hefty one. And it tends to lead to burnout. A more attainable goal? To write. Everyday. (minus obvious days off, lol.) But… I need to make it a priority. And find some kind of balance. So daily writing. Whether it’s a few thousand words or just a page…it all counts. Adds up. And to remember that I love writing.

So that’s another one. To write what I love. To not worry about if there’s something I should write, and get back to writing the stories echoing inside my head. The ones that won’t stop screaming at me. Because that’s the secret.

Cover art.

It’s going well, actually. And I need to keep the momentum up. Keep learning and keep trying to expand, because it’s another love of mine. The big accomplishment is again, finding balance. I get can so caught up playing around with images, I lose track of time. Completely.


Without going into great detail about my body issues and insecurities… and yeah, I have a laundry list of those, as well…anyway, going old school. Weights. Running for the love of it. And riding…a lot more mountain bike riding. I really want to be comfortable doing damn near any black diamond out there. I have a plan… but… that’s a whole other post.


I have to say, while I’ve fallen off a bit in the last couple of months, overall, 2015 was a good year in this respect. I went from rarely blogging to weekly, and sometimes twice a week. Only missed one flash fiction all year. So…yeah, a big win in that department. Which means the goal is to keep it up.


So… in an effort to keep on track—another positive step—I’m going to start blogging. Weekly. Now it might just be a short few lines, what I’ve written, made and how the workout program is going, but…knowing I have to write it all down. Yeah, for me that’s a big motivator.

I’m sure there are more goals out there. I haven’t even touched on the whole, love life thing…or lack there of. I’m hoping that my mindset in 2016 will be better. And it’ll stay that way. Not sure what else to touch on, though. My life’s boring. Maybe that’ll be a goal. Come up with some more adventurous goals for 2017. While I’m thinking, go visit the other ladies. I’m sure they have way cooler goals…

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6 Replies to “AND WE’RE WALKING…”

  1. I really love the idea of blogging your accountability! What the hell was it about October? It seems like everything went to hell then. But you really did accomplish a lot this year! Be proud of that!

  2. “My live is boring” is the BIGGEST understatement you can make after following your blog this year. Let’s make another goal of giving your internal critic a swift kick in the nuts.

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