Brain Dump ~ May

Okay, so I think I got the month correct this time. Though, the way my brain’s been lately… this week is brain dump, which is essentially an open mike. So, here’s what’s on my mind…because I know you’re all dying to hear.

So, I know this is shocking, but… I’m still renovating. I know. You’re shocked. Who knew it took so long. Actually, the last bit was waiting on the drywall. A buddy of my oldest is a drywall guy, and honestly, this was one thing I was willing to pay for. He’s giving me a great deal… and there’s no way I would do half as good a job. In fact, you can’t even tell there was a wall in the bathroom… You can see the remnants of it in the first photo below, then the finished (as in the drywall is officially done, just needs paint, primer and all the fixings) image.

The main bath is also coming along. I have a new bath and tub surround arriving Friday (fingers crossed) and then it’s pulling up what’s left of the flooring, putting in the new and all the other stuff. As well as paint… so… a ways, yet, but. I can sort of see the light at the end of the tunnel, and for once, I don’t think it’s another runaway train. I’ll just be happy when this phase is done.

Of course, that means the downstairs is next. None of it, or at least very little of it, is actually drywalled. It’s all that super cheap, super ugly, paneling. So… I have to rip that all off, adjust the outlets. Build some framing in and rip up carpets… yeah. A bunch, but… I’m trying to think about how it will be when it’s finished. Which will be probably freaking Christmas, but… it will happen. And the equity added to the house. It’ll be so worth it.

Also… I had a milestone birthday a couple of weeks back, and suck… decided to have a mid-life crisis. Okay, it’s not a crisis, but… I did go out and do something impulsive. I call her RWBY…

I know. She’s awesome. I seriously love my Jeep. I’ve wanted one FOREVER, and well, I decided now was the time. Because, the clock keeps ticking folks. I try hard to defy age, lol. But, it stills goes by and I don’t want to realize, later, that I never just jumped in sometimes. And this was definitely just a leap of faith. Now, to find some off-roading places, lol. I also opted for BC park plates. It’s a super cool idea. You pay or how I see it, donate 40 bucks per year to the BC Parks and you get a cool plate. Sorry I don’t have a photo of it. And since they introduced this license plate a couple of years ago, they’ve been able to add a Junior Ranger Program. So… totally worth it. And I’m all about helping out Provincial parks…

Lastly, I’m working super hard to finish Rigs’ story for the next Brotherhood Protectors’ launch in June. Fingers crossed people.

And that’s it for me. Please join the other ladies and see what’s on their minds…

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6 Replies to “Brain Dump ~ May”

  1. That is so cool that they funded a whole program like that. I love it! And RWBY looks awesome, too!

    PS: I knew. I knew that renovations took so long. 😉

    1. Right? Jared was all… don’t get the Park plates. Then I asked… how much and where does the money go. The insurance lady said all of it goes to the BC Parks… so to me. That’s 40 bucks of worthy donation a year to have this awesome mountain plate. I’ll get a photo to show when I can.

      And I love RWBY. I MAY have ordered a couple of RWBY vinyl decals for the window… because I love that series and she is definitely fitting of the name.

  2. She is so awesome. More than exceeded expectations. I can’t wait to pick out a hike that needs her 4X4 prowess to get to the trail head. And this might just inspire the next ultrathon, lol.

    And it’s a great program. A very minor donation that has gone a long way.

  3. You are Wonder Woman with the whole renovation thing! It looks amazing. You are really super talented. And, the Jeep!! Oh wow, so awesome. Can’t wait to hear all the places you’re going to take her.

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