Wordless Wednesday ~ April

So, I’ve been absent a bit. But… it’s all been for a good cause. Some of it was finishing my latest release — Carved in Ice. The rest… well, can you say renovations? I’m in the midst of them, and it sucks up ALL OF MY TIME! So, for Wordless Wednesday, I’m showing off the current WIP…the house, lol. And namely, my bedroom and the bathrooms.

For this before shot, ignore the mess. No, seriously, I’m breaking the wordless part because… yeah…

Old yellow paint. So much brown. Just… blah…and the carpet…
That’s Sleepy Hollow blue… and new flooring has begun.



Removed closet to become future shower in ensuite.


Shower in and drywall has begun.




Still needs decorating, but not until the bathroom is finished. Awaiting barn door install…


Fuck yeah!


And that’s it for me. Not wordless but… now check out the other ladies playing along…

Jessica  ~  Bronwyn  ~  Gwendolyn  ~   Siobhan

8 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday ~ April”

    1. I love it, too. And it literally just gave me back 2 feet of space the old door took up. Which was just so ridiculous. It completely changes the vibe of the room.

    1. Dude… MONTHS ARE HARD. I will have to change that, at some point. And yes, it does feel that long. I’m also thrilled with the room.

    1. I did! It was a pain in the butt, let me tell you. But, so worth it. I’ll be so happy when all the drywalling is done and I can finish the bathroom and all the tiny finishing touches.

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