Top Ten ~ Places I Want to Visit Before I Die

How is summer vacation coming to a close? It’s as if the kids just finished school. Sigh… I love fall. Probably my favourite season, weather wise. Warm days (but not hot) and cool nights. But I love summer because… no school. I get so tired of lunches and homework and all the stress…

Which might be why we’re already dreaming about another vacation. This week’s post is the top ten places I’d like to visit before I die…so without any more rambling and in no particular order…

Ireland ~ There’s a multi-day ultrathon race that actually runs completely across Ireland. I really want to do the race, then spend a couple of weeks recovering in a picturesque little town in the Ireland countryside…maybe by the ocean. The perfect vacation.

Scotland ~ Shocker… there’s a race across Scotland, too 😀 Though, I’d love to go just to visit castles and the moors… Though, a running race, too? Oh yeah, my kind of fun.

England… Yes, I see the pattern, too. And no, I don’t think there’s a race across England. But who doesn’t want to go? Big Ben. Buckingham Palace… the English countryside. All of it.

Newfoundland ~ I’ve been to most of the provinces, but never made it to the Rock…that’s what we call it. And I’ve heard it’s pretty unique. So yeah, I’d like to say I’ve gone from one side of the country to the other.

Prince Edward Island ~ another province I haven’t seen. And hello… Anne of Green Gables. The grassy fields, the beaches. And there’s a bridge now.

New Mexico ~ Not sure why, but I really want to tour all over this state. I’ve seen a number of them, but haven’t made it here, yet.

Alaska ~ namely McKinley. I get we have lots of mountains in BC, but we’re talking McKinley. I’d love to climb it, too, but it takes some serious mountaineering. Anyone game? Also, the northern lights. I’ve seen them a bit from Edmonton, but not the full real deal.

Egypt ~ The pyramids. Nothing else is needed.

Spend the night in a truly haunted house. I’m not picky, which is why I didn’t specify any one place. But….damn, this would be fun.

Everest ~ Now, this is kind of a far-fetched one, but…it would be super cool. It’s a bit freaky that some of the markers up there are actual dead bodies (thank you for that tidbit of info, Jenny Trout). But still… Nepal. That mountain. Oh, yeah.

An that’s it for me. Check out the other ladies and their lists….

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  1. I’d like to see Prince Edward Island and I’ve been to Shiprock, New Mexico. My family lives in ABQ so I’d take you around. It’s VERY cool. Great list, Kris. 🙂

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