Song Fiction ~ A Mháire Bhruinneall

It’s July and I’m finally able to breathe just a bit. Made a few deadlines, though more are looming. But… I finally got off my ass and made it in time for our monthly song fiction. It’s an interesting one, and honestly, I could listen to this over and over. It’s haunting. I’ve never heard this song or this artist before. but I’d love to listen to more. If you’d like to listen, I’ve included the video below. Otherwise, jump right in…

It’s time…

Caleb stood at the base of the cliff. Sea spray filled the air, the roar of the churning water strumming around him—like a maniacal heartbeat. Pushing in on him. Crushing him like the waves pounding the rocks. Only a hint of daybreak cut the horizon, the yellowing light not enough to banish the dark.

The time of demons.

He knew all about them. They covered the land like a festering wound. Black shadows that devoured anything good. Anything remotely human. They spilled over from some ancient well drilled straight to Hell, itself. It didn’t matter how many he closed, how many men gave their lives. How much blood was spilled in an effort to cleanse the land—it was never enough. More appeared.

That was all about to end.

He glanced over his shoulder at the warriors gathered around a dim fire. Not large enough to chase away the chilling dampness but enough to give the illusion of light. To fool his comrades into believing they might actually live through this.

Live. He had no such preconceived illusions. Chances were they’d be dead by sunset. If not today, then the next. Maybe a week if they were lucky. None of them were going to see the season change to winter. Feel the fresh bite of ice beneath their feet. Watch the snow slowly cover the blood and death until he could almost believe it had never been there.


Until it started, again, with the first blossom of spring. The creatures couldn’t endure the cold—the feel of icy water against their leathery hides. The chill of the nordic breeze. It was their only weakness. One that couldn’t last. Couldn’t vanquish the bastards forever.

He could. He hoped. Either way, he’d die trying. Die for his people because that’s what princes did—gave their lives in order to save their kingdom. Their people. And he’d gladly give his—if it meant they’d live. She’d live.

Calliope. No doubt she’d already read his note—the one he’d scribbled at the last moment. When leaving her with nothing but a cold empty bed had seemed unforgivable. She’d be hurt. Hurt and angry and damn it, still alive because he’d see to it. Personally. If he had to walk to the depths of Hell, he’d see that she lived. Grew old in a world no longer strangled by death and darkness. In a world embraced by light.


He nodded, looking out across the water one last time. The sun was finally rising—slashing its way through the indigo sky. Reflecting rays of yellow across the waves. He drank in the different colors of blue in the water. The white crest of the waves as they crashed against the rocks. He breathed in the salty brine, tempered with a hint of rose. He wanted to be able to picture this very moment when his death hung over him like a cloud. When he was gasping his last breath. This place. And Calliope. He’d picture her, too. Pale skin, fiery red hair, and eyes so light, so blue, they looked like frost on the water. That’s what he’d see when it all faded into black.

Caleb cleared his throat. “It’s time.”

Tern walked up beside him, staring out across the horizon. Christ, the man was too young for this quest. Had barely begun to live, but he’d insisted. Had sworn his life for Caleb. And there’d been no reasoning with him. No convincing him to stay behind. Caleb had gone so far as to ask him to personally see to Calliope’s safety, but Tern hadn’t been swayed. And now, Caleb would have to die knowing he’d cost the man his life, as well.

Tern glanced over at him, smiling. “Please tell me you don’t scowl like that around Calliope. I don’t know how the lady puts up with you.”

“Not much to smile about. But if it would make you feel better…” He grinned. Mostly a show of teeth, but it made Tern laugh. Loosened the knot lodged in Caleb’s chest. “We should head out.”

“Aye. Today is a good day to die.”

“If that’s what you gentlemen think, perhaps you should turn back.”

Caleb froze. That voice. The soft lilting tone, the hint of spring in the pitch. He knew that voice. He loved that voice. He spun, and there she was. Standing in front of the fire, her cloak whipping about her ankles from the wind. It was purple or black. Maybe blue. Whatever the color, it blended in with the rocks. With the pockets of darkness still clinging to the land. He tried to say her name, to fucking breathe, but nothing came out save a raspy growl.

Calliope smiled, her tiny fingers holding up the note he’d left her. The scrap of paper he’d left on his pillow in a moment of weakness. When he’d needed to leave some part of himself behind. “Did you honestly think I’d let you do this alone? You might be the kingdom’s greatest warrior, but without a sorceress by your side, you’ll never live to tell the tale.” She raised her hand, and a ball of snowy ice appeared above her palm. “It’s time. Let’s send these creatures back to Hell.”

And that’s it for me. Please visit the other ladies and see their take on this pretty awesome song.

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