January’s Top 10 ~ pride

This year, we’re trying a few new ideas for blogs along with favourites, like the flash fiction posts. While those are always the hardest, they really are my favourite. I love reading all the different takes on the same photo or line.

But one of the new topics is a list of our top ten examples for any given subject. This month it’s the top ten things we are proud of. So… here we go, though they may not be in a particular order…

10… My secret life as a superhero… whoa, wait. You’re not supposed to know that. Moving on.


9… That I’m really a sleeper spy waiting for those correct words to be spoken so I can unleash my fury upon… oops, that’s not what I should be talking about either. Next…


8… Being Canadian, ‘eh. My country’s not perfect. We have plenty of issues, but I’m proud that we’ve got some of the major things right. Legalized gay marriage. Health rights for women. New, forward thinking fluid gender laws. A strive for equality, though I know, we’re not free of prejudice. But damn it, we’re trying. We keep moving in the right direction. I don’t think anywhere is utopia, but I’m proud to call this land home. To stand up for maple syrup, hockey and everything Tim Horton’s. To say PROgress and spell colour with a U. That we put out bands like Nickelback (no, I’m not SORRY you haters. Not one bit!) and hell, I even like Justin Bieber these days. I know, but damn, Love Yourself is pretty damn catchy, as is Sorry. I’m proud that we have moose crossing signs, and so much undisturbed forest land it makes up over half the country. We might not have the best TV (though, hello, Ryan Reynolds, Keanu Reeves, and of course, William Shatner) but we still have stronger beer. 🙂 And here is some Canadian content because the CRA insists that there’s a specific percentage in all broadcasts 🙂


7… My friends. I have some pretty kick ass friends. They’re compassionate, patient, funny, smart and help keep me grounded. They tell it straight when I need them to, and lie, just a little, when I need that, lol. Thanks for being partners in crime. For being the one beside me in the jail cell saying… how the fuck did we screw that up, instead of the person I have to call to bail me out. Not sure how I lucked out, but I definitely did.


6… My brother. He’s smart, athletic, (some say cute, but really, please, I got the cuteness in the family. 🙂 But I’m proud of all his accomplishments. Numerous Iron Mans and other races. A successful career. Being a great Uncle. I’m lucky I have family that has my back.


5… My determination. Not in anything in particular, but I like that my stubborn attitude helps get me through most situations. Helps me achieve my goals. Whether it’s finishing a book or a fifty mile race, it’s ninety percent all in your head. I proud of myself for achieving at least some of my goals.


4… My books. And I’m not going to feel guilty about saying this. I’m not one to say, hey, I’m awesome, read my books. But that doesn’t mean I’m not proud of what I put out. I strive to give my best, and in the end, that’s always enough. Psst, this is the cover I made for Michael, should I decide to self publish after the freaking ARe shitstorm… cough, free promo, cough… though I might change the font a bit and change some position, but you get the gist of it.



3, 2 and 1… My kids. Yeah, I know, it’s an easy one, but I mean it. Kyle, Jared and Sydney all tie for first place. Watching them grow into the amazing, talented teenagers and (somewhat adults) that they have is what I’m most proud of. Seeing them have compassion, great sportsmanship.  Knowing they’re brave enough to chase their dreams is nothing short of awe-inspiring. It hasn’t been easy being a single mom—the lack of sleep, the weight of knowing you might be single-handedly screwing them up—but it’s the one thing I’d never change and will never regret. I will always be their biggest fan, no matter what they do in life.


And I nearly forgot to post all the links for the ladies who probably have way better lists. This one was kinda weird, I’ll say it.

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7 Replies to “January’s Top 10 ~ pride”

  1. Fantastic list! Kids are always number one! Love that cover. Will need to read that book. Awesome family and friends is fab! Being Canadian – out of sight! I like Nickelback too, and that was before I knew they are from Canada. But I want to talk about items nine and ten. I think we may have some things in common here. 😉 Thank you for sharing.

  2. I forgive you people for Bieber, by the way. His new stuff is great.

  3. I love you so hard! Your list is awesome and you’re awesome, especially since you’re a superhero spy.

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