It’s only the second day of January and already we have a flash fiction. Well, guess it’s best to just jump right in. I haven’t done a “here’s what my plans are for 2017” because life has a way of tossing those plans in your face. Forcefully. But I will say this. It’s time to stop making excuses and to make your decisions a reality. I don’t want to call them dreams because… I truly believe we’ll all capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for, we just need to make the decision to do it. And this is the year. So click your heels together three times and repeat…no excuses, I’m badass.

Now, onto the story. No idea what I’m doing but…that’s par for the course, right? 🙂 So, for lack of any other idea, I think I’ll revisit Kent and Seth, my paranormal hunting buddies, who just discovered there was more between them than bloody corpses. You can read the first instalment as January’s Song fiction, and the second one as June’s if you’d like. Or, just jump right one in, the water’s fine.

40557114 - a camping tent glowing under the northern lights. night time camping scene.
40557114 – a camping tent glowing under the northern lights. night time camping scene.

“See!” Seth nudged Kent as his partner stood beside him, staring up at the green-coloured lights flashing across the sky. “I told you it was worth the drive up here. The light show is stunning.”

Kent wrinkled his nose, rubbing his arms a few times before glancing at Seth. “You do know we could have seen the Northern Lights without having to traipse into the middle of God’s country, right? From the hotel. Where there’s hot water. A bed with an actual mattress. Food we didn’t have to carry in on our backs. All of which is freeze dried, I might add.”

“Please, you love jerky. Don’t even try to deny it. I know you too well for that lie to work.”

“Of course I love jerky. It’s a fucking food staple. All I’m saying is that we didn’t have to hike all this way to eat it.”

“After our last encounter in a motel, I would have thought you’d had your fill for a while.”

Kent’s expression sobered. The man still had bruises from his battle with Malcolm, or should Seth say, him. It didn’t matter that the demon had been the one making Seth hurt Kent, all Seth could picture was his hand around Kent’s throat, the man’s blood dripping down his cheek. While they’d come out of the whole ordeal fairly unscathed, just knowing he could have killed the one man who made his chest tighten and his heart race gutted Seth.

Kent shook his head. “Would you stop agonizing over the possession thing. Christ, you’re a drama queen.”

“I nearly killed you.”

“In your dreams. My sister hits harder than you do.”

“That so? Then maybe we should get her to join the team.”

Kent’s gaze drifted down Seth’s body, pausing at his groin before slowly climbing back to his face. There was no mistaking the hungry look in Kent’s eyes as he turned, fisting Seth’s shirt then dragging him closer. “If we do that, then I won’t be able to do this.”

He raised his other hand, spearing it through Seth’s hair. Kent anchored his fingers in the long strands, holding Seth’s head firm as he slanted his mouth over Seth’s, tracing his lips before slipping inside when Seth gasped. Warm male spice burst along his tongue, the flavour a headier version of Kent’s natural scent.

Seth smoothed his hands up Kent’s back, kneading the firm muscles flexing beneath his palms before splaying them across Kent’s shoulder blades. He pulled Kent tighter against his body, moaning at the firm ridge of Kent’s shaft as it jutted against Seth’s hip. Christ he wanted to touch the man. Taste every inch of skin as it quivered beneath his hands. Run his fingers the length of the man’s dick, watching as it twitched from the gentle contact. Then he wanted to wrap his lips around the swollen head and take it deep to the back of his throat. But more than anything, he wanted to be the one that brought Kent to the edge. That tested his resolve until it spurted down Seth’s throat or across his stomach.

Kent ate at Seth’s mouth, staying dangerously close when he finally released Seth. Every exhalation caressed Seth’s skin, cooling the surface. He didn’t talk, simply stood there, breathing. It wasn’t until a particularly bright flash of light blanketed the sky that Kent seemed to shake himself back to reality.

He smiled as he eased away, one hand still fisted around Seth’s shirt, the other dropping to snag the belt looped through Seth’s jeans. “I know you think you hurt me back in that motel, but the truth is…Malcom did us a favour. I never would have had the guts to kiss you if he hadn’t told me you wanted me for more than watching your back.”

“So trying to kill you was a successful pick-up tactic? Maybe you’re the one who needs to get laid more often, bro, because that’s fucked up.”

“Not quite the fucking I was thinking about. Call me crazy, but there’s nothing stopping us. That is why we dragged our asses all the way out here, right? No chance of demons, ghosts, or  vampires dropping by. No annoying cases popping up to interrupt us. We’re pretty much guaranteed a much-needed vacation.” He leaned in, nipping at Seth’s lip. “Though, I wouldn’t count on catching up on your sleep. Something tells me you’re going to be extremely busy.”

“Don’t think for a second you’ll be the one calling all the shots here, buddy. Sure, I want you to fuck me more more than I want to damn-well breathe right now, but…” He fisted Kent’s hair, yanking him in close. “I also want to ride your ass.”

He took his partner’s mouth in his, twisting his lips open then dipping inside. He didn’t try to be gentle, thriving in the battle of wills until Kent finally allowed Seth to own the kiss. Seth hummed, enjoying the simple pleasure of having Kent in his arms. Of knowing he wouldn’t have to fake wanting something more than what he already had. That he was the least bit interested in anyone other than Kent.

Gasping breaths filled the air when they finally parted, Kent’s chest pressing roughly against Seth’s. Seth grinned, stepping back. He moved to the front of the tent, unzipping the flap before ducking inside. A single lantern burned from the centre post, casting shadows across the sleeping bags. Seth rummaged through his backpack, removing a flask and a small glass. Then he grabbed a tub of salt, sprinkling some in his hand before twisting back out.

Ken smiled, moving toward him only to curse when Seth tossed the handful of salt at him. Kent scrubbed a hand down his face, giving Seth a raise of his brow. “Seriously? Salt?”

“Hey, you’re the one that chewed out my ass for not practicing safe sex the last time. And we both know condoms are the least of our worries.” He poured some water into the glass then downed it, pouring another and handing it to Kent. “Drink up.”

Kent took the glass, eyeing it suspiciously. “A shot of holy water?”

“In a silver-rimmed shot glass.” He lifted the container, shaking it at his buddy. “I also plan on making a ring of salt. Just to be sure.”

“Sure of what? What ghosts or demons could possible be up here?”

“Don’t know. Don’t want to find out. And it should guard against faeries, too.”

“Faeries? Dude, should I be worried about you?”

“Just shut up and drink.”

Kent glared but downed the water, tapping his foot restlessly on the ground as Seth made the lopsided circle around the tent. “Satisfied? Or do we need to say an exorcism just to be sure?”

Seth offered Kent his hand, pulling him hard against him once he’d stepped over the salt line. “You know I love it when you talk latin to me.”

“Betting I could come up with a better way to use my mouth. Yours, too.”

“Now we’re speaking the same language. The only question is…who gets to be in charge first?”

“I did save your ass from a demon. Seems only fair I get it in return.”

Seth chuckled, leading Kent backwards into the tent. “Fair’s overrated, but I’ll concede this first round. Get comfortable, buddy. The show’s going to last all night.”


And that’s it for me. Hop on over and read the other offerings. I doubt they’ll be along these lines, lol. In fact, they’ll probably be far more in line with the actual image.

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  1. I think I’m the only one who didn’t have a sexy story – lol! But nice job with this – glad to see these two are getting some quality time together. 🙂

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