Mystery App

So the topic of this week’s post is… An app mysteriously appears on your phone and does something amazing. What does it do?

First off…If I could have come up with anything remotely realistic and amazing, I would have marketed it by now. So…suspend belief from this point forward.

Okay…. I considered a bunch of stuff…an app that emits a sound wave that repels assholes. (you know you want that one, too. Oh, and only they can hear it, like a dog whistle 🙂 ) One that emits a noise that attracts the ideal mate. But… those have some possible side effects, lol, so… here’s the app that I choose…

An icon with a telescope appears, along with a pair of glasses. You put them on and discover they are an advanced form of bluetooth glasses. Head up display and music all delivered through these stylish spectacles… but that’s not all. When you activate the app, you are given super-human sight. It begins with hawk-like vision, but you can dial it to whatever spectrum you want. So… want to see a few miles away… hit that setting. Want X-ray vision… no problem, that’s just another box to tick. Want to be the Predator? That can be arranged. Basically, it allows you to see any wavelength at any clarity for any distance.

And with my eyesight… shall we say aging… I’d love to have this.

That’s all for  me. Now check out Bronwyn, Jess and Deelylah for their apps.

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