Song Flash Fiction ~ All American Rejects

I’m familiar with a few of their songs, but hadn’t heard this one before. Here’s the video for those of you who’d like to give it a listen, and the resulting story…I’m sure I’ll think of something. Prays to the muse gods for a save… (I’d like to use a lifeline. Call a friend. Poll the audience.)

Oh and I don’t really get the whole them in the ocean in this video but…maybe that’s just me.

“Dave? Buddy, you okay?”

Dave Attison stared out the window, watching the gathering of people a few hundred yards off.  They sat in rows, heads bent in conversation as the storm raged around them. A large tent fluttered in the strong breeze, the hollow sound of the rain against the canvass echoing across the open space. He shifted his gaze to the man standing at the end of a red carpet—white square glowing like a beacon against his collar. He wasn’t talking to anyone, his head held high, a book clenched in his hands.

Dave swallowed against the bile cresting his throat. They’d been sitting in the damn truck for twenty minutes, but Dave hadn’t been able to wrap his fingers around the handle—step out into the rain. His stomach clenched at the thought, threatening to spill his recent coffee across the dashboard, not that he’d care. Hell, he hadn’t cared about anything—anyone—in months.

A hand landed on his shoulder, and he forced himself to turn—meet Barry’s gaze. The man looked as uncomfortable as Dave felt, his buddy’s eyes darting between the crowd and him. Creases furrowed Barry’s brow as the man released a shuddering breath, giving Dave what he assumed was supposed to be an encouraging smile.

“Ceremony’s about to start.” Barry swallowed with apparent effort. “Don’t you think we should join in? Might be rude to walk over there halfway through. You know how Father Sean is about tardiness.”

Dave snorted. The man he’d planned on spending the rest of his life with—his fucking soulmate—was ready to pledge his love to someone else, and Barry was worried if Father Sean would flip his shit if Dave showed up late.

He glanced away. “I just need another minute.”

Barry sighed, the sound sparking another clench of Dave’s gut. God, how he’d come to loathe that sound—the pity that seemed to ooze out of it. The way it curled around him, reminding him about all the ways he’d failed. How he hadn’t been enough.

Barry gave his shoulder a squeeze. “We’ve been here for a while. I’m not sure another minute is going to make this any easier.”

Dave scoffed, meeting his friend’s sympathetic gaze. “Easier? Julian is marrying another man, Barry. And as much as I want to walk over there—prove to everyone I’m a bigger man, that I can take the high road in this—all I can think about is how unwanted I’ll be. The man walked out of me. Let me for that…” Dave blew out an exasperated breath. “Four years, and he threw it away because I wanted more. Only to turn around and get engaged three weeks later.” He snorted. “Christ, it’s like some damn soap opera, only so much worse. Poorly written.”

“Julian invited you. Hell, he called the house half a dozen times to confirm you’d be here. Bastard still seems to think you can be the best of friends. So, I’m pretty damn sure that means you’re wanted.” Barry huffed at Dave’s silence. “Are you worried Paul might throw a scene? That he never wanted you to come?”

“That’s not what this is about.”

“Then explain it to me, because you’re the one who insisted on accepting the offer. On torturing yourself more.” He thumbed the steering wheel. “I know you loved him, but…he doesn’t deserve another minute of your time. Fuck, he never deserved you.”

Dave closed his eyes. If he were honest, he didn’t know why he’d insisted on coming, either. He’d tried to convince himself it was for closure—a tangible way of dealing with Julian’s departure. But as Dave stared at the last few stragglers walking across the rain-slick grass, he knew it was a lie. Hell, it’d all been a lie. Their life. Julian’s love. None of it had been more than a mirage. It had just taken Dave four years and a shit load of ninety-proof to get any clarity. To see it for what it really had been—wasted time.

He clenched his jaw, then reefed open the door, stepping into the rain. It stung his face as he stood there, still staring at the make-shift chapel. He drew a deep breath, glancing at his buddy. Barry looked at him over the top of the truck, seemingly unsure whether to join him or simply stand there. Dave closed his eyes, searching for some kind of sign, when the wind picked up, curling around before continuing down the road.

Barry cleared his throat. “Well? We going over there?”

Dave lifted his head. “I think I’ve already gotten all I need. It’s time to stop chasing what was never there.” He looked at Barry. “Beer? First round’s on me.”

Barry grinned. “Hell, yeah. Second round, too, buddy, for making me put on this godforsaken tie.”

“Fine. Two rounds.” He smiled at his friend. “Thanks.”

Barry cocked an eyebrow as he slid in behind the wheel. “For what?”

“Not saying I told you so.”

“Night’s young. I could still gloat.”

“I’ll consider myself dully warned.”


That’s all for me. Had a hard time with this one. Now check out the other ladies, who probably scribbled three pages without effort.

Bronwyn Green  |  Kayleigh Jones  |  Deelylah Mullin  |  Siobhan Muir 



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