Photo flash fiction ~ March

We’re into March. And there’s still snow on the ground. I know I’m Canadian, but damn…we don’t usually get it out on the west coast this time of year. Apparently Mother Nature didn’t get the memo.

Anyway, it’s time for another flash fiction. I’m going to revisit Seth and Kent, my hunting partners turned lovers. If you want to read their other adventures, you can check out January 2016,  June, and January 2017. Otherwise, jump right on in.

19861754 - old times farmhouse - interior of an old country house with fireplace, kitchen cupboard, ancient mantles and straw broom
19861754 – old times farmhouse – interior of an old country house with fireplace, kitchen cupboard, ancient mantles and straw broom

“Call me crazy, Kent, but I thought when you said you were taking me somewhere nice for our six-month anniversary, we’d actually go somewhere…”

Kent glanced at Seth over his shoulder as he landed just inside the window, glass crunching beneath his feet. “Less creepy?”

“With actual windows would have been enough.” Seth jumped in beside him, frowning. “Hate to be a buzzkill, but…the lights are still on. And there’s a fire burning in the hearth. Are you sure this is the right address?”

“Thinking the broken window, scattering of salt and the fact a chair is wedged beneath the handle of the room’s only door suggests it is. But hey, I could be wrong.”

Seth punched him in the shoulder. “Jackass.” He took a few steps away, spinning to scan the surroundings. “So why break the window instead of just moving the chair and running out the door?”

Kent sighed, resisting the urge to shiver as a cold swirl of air prickled his skin with goosebumps. “I don’t think the owner left willingly. Anna said the woman who called her was screaming before the line went dead.”

“Fantastic.” He walked toward the fire, stopping before lowering to one knee.

Kent moved over to his partner, doing his best to ignore the way Seth’s jeans rode low on his ass, accentuating the firm muscles Kent knew hid behind the faded denim. God, what he wanted to do to that ass. Seth was right. This wasn’t how Kent had planned on surprising the other man. He’d actually called ahead to an out-of-the-way roadside dinner, where he and Seth had first met a couple of years ago. Had them reserve that same booth. With all the traveling they did, he’d wanted to do something nostalgic for their celebration. Show his buddy he didn’t take their relationship for granted. That Seth was as important as all the ghosts and demons they hunted. Of course, he’d bought the silver band burning a hole in his pocket on a whim, a month ago, waiting for the perfect time to make his move—half considering that tonight might finally be the break he’d been looking for. Then his damn cell had rung and they’d had to detour to a rustic version of the Amityville house.

He nudged Seth’s shoulder. “You gonna share with the class or are you keeping all the crayons for yourself?”

Seth rolled his eyes before holding up his finger. “Pretty fucking sure this is ectoplasm.”


“Ya think? And by the looks of the scratches over on that far wall, it’s definitely not Casper.”

Kent darted over to the other side of the room, running his fingertips along the grooves. “Ya know. If I were a betting man, I’d say there’s more than one unhappy spirit haunting this place.” He glanced up at Seth when the man moved in beside him. “Two distinct patterns in the wood.”

“Misery does love company.” Seth groaned when something crashed to the floor in an adjoining room. “That didn’t sound at all alarming.”

“Rock, paper scissors to see who opens the door and who tosses the salt?”

Seth gave him a gut-wrenching smile when Kent stood. “It’s our anniversary. I’ll open the door. Consider it my present, seeing as I probably won’t get a chance to give you your other one.”

“You got me a present?”

Seth punched him again. “You think you’re the only one who can be romantic? Please. I had your plans beat without breaking a sweat.”

“Really?” Kent loaded up some salt rounds, nodding to his buddy as they slowly inched toward the door. “You don’t even know where we were going.”

Seth chuckled, checking his supplies as they stopped when another crash echoed beyond the closed door, followed by a loud scratching sound. “We’re just a few miles outside Cache Creek. Ten to one you were taking me back to that crappy little dinner where we first met. Bet my ass you reserved the same grungy booth, too. After a greasy meal, you probably booked us a room in that same motel. The one with the seventies style shag carpet. But you’d ensure there was beer chilling in a cooler. Probably ketchup chips that you got your buddy up north to send because we can’t buy them here.” He elbowed Kent. “Am I close?”

“You are such a jerk.” Kent sighed. “And fucking spot on. How the hell did you know all that?”

“Easy. I know you. And I knew you’d want to do something…special. Because we don’t get much time for that. For us.” He shrugged. “If it’s any consolation, I appreciate the effort.”

He reached for the handle, arching his brow. “Ready?”

Kent grabbed his wrist, halting him. “Just one thing. What had you planned that beat all of that?”

Seth grinned. “I’d planned on saying, ‘yes.’ On three.”


And that’s it for me. A bit shorter because it’s nearly three AM. Hey, I had other stuff to do. I hope you enjoyed the boys, now head off and see what the others have to offer.

Bronwyn Green  |  Jessica Jarman  |  Deelylah Mullin

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