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Hey all. It’s another top 10 post. This time around it’s things I avoid. Thinking I’ll need more than 10 spots, eh.


10 – Horror movies.

I love movies as much as the next person but I’m over wasting my time watching a group of stupid people do EVERYTHING wrong. Now, if it’s a thriller with scary moments or a paranormal, that’s different. I love those. I’m taking the traditional, old fashioned, nasty ones. Thanks but Nightmare on Elm Street still creeps me the hell out.

9 – Sad movies

I’m sorry, but the last thing I need is to go to a movie, spend the 10 bucks it costs to get in then cry. Life is sad enough at times and I really don’t need to watch in it dolby sound. So no… I don’t watch Nicolas Sparks movies or war movies, for the most part, lol.

8 – Shopping

I really don’t like shopping. I’m definitely not the kind of person who loves to wander a mall, looking at everything. Nope, I’m an in and out person. That might explain why I only have a few pairs of shoes, most of which are for either running or working out.

7 – Grocery shopping.

No, this isn’t the same. Which is why it’s a bit higher on the scale. But it’s still something I avoid just as much. I’ll actually send a kid if at all possible rather than go myself. Not even sure why.

6 – Cleaning

I know. We all do it, but… I do avoid it whenever possible. Dirt’s good for the immune system, right? RIGHT?

5 – Laundry

No one is surprised. No one. Other than workout gear, yeah… I’ve recently paid the teenage girl to do it for me. It’s money well spent.

4 – Negative People/Thoughts

This might sound a bit harsh but…if there’s something I’ve learned over the years it’s that time is short. And wasting it on negative thoughts or people who have this as their default setting take more of your soul with every moment. So I don’t whenever possible.

3 – Going to the Doctor

Okay I will go when it’s absolutely necessary but I avoid going for most things. Tape. Glue…you know how it goes. Even my kids know when to ask and when to bring me the tape or sterie strips.

2 – Anything with more than 4 legs.

This needs no explanation. And all creatures that fall into this category should be, I’ll say avoided, but you all know what I mean.


And if this isn’t the number one thing you avoid… WHY NOT? Seriously… what is worse that a clown? The answer… NOTHING. NOTHING AT ALL.


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10 Replies to “top 10 countdown”

  1. I am definitely in the avoid/loathe shopping camp too! I do have to disagree with the sad movies. Well…it has to be done right but if it is, then I’m there. 🙂

    1. Syd has started watching Grey’s Anatomy… and I freaking cried during a couple of those episodes, so… no. I hate that ugly cry I’ll do at sad ones. I have to be alone… and even then… I’d rather laugh 🙂

  2. Going to the Doctor! I can spout the evils of going to the doctor quite well from my soap box! It is evil! 😛 I don’t mind shopping – on line. About the only brick and mortar store I go to anymore is the grocery store. For some reason I cannot find milk, bread and fresh produce on line. *sigh* Otherwise, good list. Thank you.

  3. I despise shopping!! In fact, I hate it so much Sis has to bride me to go with her. LOL!! You know I get a treat if I’m good and don’t cry. Hey, I’ll take it.

  4. I’m right there with you on going to the doctor. It’s a huge timesuck and most of the time it’s to spend like two minutes with them before they send you on your merry way with a prescription or a test you knew you needed anyway. I despise grocery shopping. I’ll even procrastinate hoping someone else will do it.

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