Same ole lang syne…

After a week off, we’re back to Wednesday Randomness. And as this is the last Wednesday in the year…you know what’s coming. Goals/plans, desperate hopes for 2015. And by desperate, I mean those goals we make every year yet never seem to really try to accomplish.

So this year, I’m going to stick to stuff that I honestly want to attempt to make happen. My dear friend, Jess, and I have decided this is the year we both stop making excuses. I’m big on excuses. On self-sabotage. So this year…that is the first thing to go. No more self-sabotaging, well, myself. So here’s a list of goals I want to work toward for 2015.

1 — Writing every day. This is my primary goal. And one I’ve been working on for a month or so now. Here’s the thing. It’s easy to get in the groove, then you finish a book and bam…a few days off to recharge turns into a week, then two and before you know it, you’ve got two weeks to finish your next book. Well, no more. Even if it’s just a paragraph, a page. It all counts and will help take the pressure off, and maybe, just maybe, all me to enjoy other pleasures—like binge watching Netflix—without guilt. Or at least as much guilt.

2 — Write a book a month. This is a hefty goal. Mostly because sometimes, books don’t quite go as planned. They might be longer or just don’t flow like you’d envisioned. And this can really bog you down. But as I’m determined to make goal 1 happen, I’m hoping I can make this a reality.

3 — Blog more. I’m actually proud of myself. Since starting the Wednesday blogs with this amazing group of ladies, I’ve actually managed to blog every week. So next year…I’ve committed to blogging twice a week. Wednesdays as usual. And  Mondays will involve two new projects. One is writing a post based on either pictures, lyrics or other inspirational objects. The other–something I’m completely stoked about. I’m going to be starting a SERIAL. That’s right people. A fraee, full-length novel that will be written and posted by chapters twice a month. Jess, Christine and I are jumping in.. both feet. So please stay tuned as I promise you it’s going to be lots of fun.

4 — Get ripped. I know. I do say this one every year. Get in better shape. But, damn it, this has to be the year things change. And I’ve already started, lol. At least I’m trying. Let’s face it. Not getting younger (that would be number one on my list if I could accomplish it) so it’s time to put up or shut up.

5 — Try to enjoy the small things a bit more. Spend more time enjoying family. I know I’m always around but…I sometimes need to realize that putting the computer away is the answer.

I’m sure there are lots of other goals I have. Ones that are more everyday. Like remember to check the dog’s water bowl twice a day instead of walking by and thinking…hmmm, has she been out of water all day? (don’t worry, I have a natural spring int he backyard, lol. So she’s good.) But those are my big ones. The ones that keep me up sometimes. I’m sure the ladies have more interesting ones, lol. I’m pretty boring. Check them out and let’s bring in 2015! It’s going to be a great year.

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